Day 3 – Clear Your Space

I feel bit unsure about this on a Friday, on the other hand clearing a bit and making space for the good that is coming your way – you set your intention, right? – makes sense.

Creating space creates energy – and change happens more easily.

In the spirit of Christmas we’ll allow ourselves today to open up for all the gifts of this special season now.

Being open for surprises, unexpected gifts and beautiful things to happen is a great start.

What helps even more is making space, clearing your space for the gifts and miracles to arrive.

Very often and especially now you may tend to accumulate stuff, things that clutter your desk, your flat or house. There are so many things that stop the energy flow.

So think about a small place you’d like to clear and give yourself a 15 minute time slot. Start clearing and ask yourself with every piece of paper, every book, everything:

„Do I need this in my life right now?“

„If not now, when?“

and if the first answer is no or the first is a yes but you can’t answer #2, put it away.

You could also ask “Does this bring me joy?” and clear or put away.

We often tend to keep things for „some day, when I may need this“ and guess what, this day never comes, or if it comes you want something new or something else.
We sometimes want to keep memories – which is okay – unless they start to clutter our lives.

So give things away, throw them away – and trust life to take care of you and your needs.

This is a big step, so start small – one small space, 15 minutes at a time.

We’ll take care of your inner space tomorrow. See you then.


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