Day 2 – Setting Your Intention


Today I want you to set your intention – not a goal or several goals like you may be used to. Setting goals and not reaching all of them usually makes us feel like a failure. And if we reach a goal it often seems not to be high enough, good enough at all. The joy only lasts a second, if you feel it at all.

Today we’ll set our intention for the next weeks and for this you need to relax first. Just a bit, I’ll show you how.

Sit or stand comfortably. Be aware of your breath.

Now breathe out and release tension, with an “Aaaaahhh” – breathe in, mindfully, and let the fresh energy in.

Breathe slowly and smoothly and enjoy the sensation.

Now visualize yourself during the weeks to come: you are enjoying every minute, you see yourself joyful and then choose your intention: do you want to experience ease and flow, joy and fun, abundance, playfulness – just to name a few?

Or do you want all of the above and more?

Now is your time to choose – see yourself, for a short moment, living and walking through that scene. Tell yourself So be it, if you like, and come back to your everyday life.

Do this frequently over the next days, see it just for seconds each time – you don’t have to believe it, you just have to see it.

Let the Universe / Tao work it’s magic.

Tomorrow I’ll show you how to handle the practical aspects of this joyful season.


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