Adventurous Women


  • an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
  • the encountering of risks
  • an exciting or remarkable experience

Adventure is the theme right now, for me and many other women, as I perceive it.
Adventure, entering the unknown, on a daily basis.
Adventure means many things, it’s not “one size fits all”, it’s different for each person.
Though the definition says danger and unknown risks, you don’t have to take huge risks to live adventurously.
Adventure means keeping your mind open, jumping into new possibilities, the willingness to try, to jump into the unknown. Be playful, colourful, different.
Adventure also means living each day like the ultimate adventure it is – life is short, life is precious – enjoy every minute, love every second, no matter what.
I may not travel the world and cross unknown jungles or deserts each day.
That’s not necessary to enjoy this lifelong adventure. It’s the spirit that makes it count.
I remember my first trip to the US, to New York City, on my own – I thought for one second “oh, you are crazy” when we crossed the ocean. Then it was so much fun, exploring the city, so many new sights,  learning how to handle a new situation – easier than I thought.
My adventures started in my thirties, with that feeling „there has to be more“, with me not knowing where to go, but going anyway.
My first (and only) tattoo, my first firewalk – I did what felt good for me.
I took singing lessons, I helped with shooting a short film, I wrote screenplays and poems.
I didn’t force these things, most of them came along as I moved forward.
When I was made redundant as IT trainer I got three months off with full pay – on my first free weekend after this shock, a friend asked if I’d be interested being script and continuity for a short film project. This was work and fun just the way I loved. An adventure.
Looking at my life so far I can see that it became easier when I stopped to try to fit in, to lead a „normal“ life.
Yes, many people don’t understand how I can still change jobs or leave relationships at an age where I should be „settled“. That’s just not me – one day not so long ago I realized that I was trying to fulfill the expectations of others, not mine.
Since then it’s not all smooth sailing, it’s not always easy – but: it’s the life I choose.



So, what is “Adventurous Women” – my new project – about?
Being fifty-one now and still excited about this adventure of life I noticed that many women over 40 are starting new adventures or never stopped living adventurous.
Adventures are not for younger women only – they never stop, unless you do.
One of my role models, Lousie Hay, turned 90 in October and still creates every day.
Adventurous Women offers tools, tips, coaching, interviews with role-models and a place to share, inspire and create. It’s a work in progress – like I am.
My intention is to empower you and have fun, to create a place where we can be connected to each other and the source of all that is.
The “Adventurous Women” website will launch soon – to give you a taste you can get my
„7 tools to create an adventurous life“ for free.

Sign up here:
and you’ll receive seven emails with easy-to-apply tools to get you going, and will be among the first to know when the new site goes live.
Stay tuned – more adventures to come soon.

Same Procedure…


….as last year. It’s that time of the year, so I’m running my Christmas course again.

and you might ask yourself, why should I sign up and have another mail in my inbox?

If you experience the weeks before Christmas like I used to you’ll be stressed, running around and planning a lot, have too many appointments and are very tired of it all on Christmas Day.

Or you decide you are not into the Christmas rush and get drawn into it, no matter what – because you have to go into the city centre and there are all these people, so very busy to buy gifts.

That’s why I designed this little e-course: it contains practical and magical tools, it’s a mix like I am.

Practical and planning on one hand, that’s the engineer in me though I studied a long time ago. Magical on the other hand – I learned Huna and LOA and many so called magical tools, that increase serendipity and joyful coincidences and let you flow through life more easily.

Each day from December 1 you’ll find an email in your box, which takes you 1 minute to read and mostly 5 minutes to try, sometimes a bit longer. To make you relax a bit more and enjoy this time of the year

It’s free, so don’t waste time, sign up here:

Being Grateful

Waking up today to a beautiful warm autumn morning I felt happy and grateful

Then I remembered that my friends on the other side of the pond celebrate Thanksgiving today…and thought about it.

I feel grateful for

  • being healthy and fit
  • living in peace
  • having a place to live, clothes and most of the time can eat what I want
  • I have friends and family who care for me and vice versa
  • this beautiful day, the sunshine and blue skies
  • being able to share this and the love I feel
  • and many more

If you ever feel depressed or feeling sad try writing down what you are grateful for.

It will change your life.

Happy Thanksgiving, wherever you are today!

Going with the Flow

A new week – a new blog post.

Last week was a very busy one, even whithout me having to work – not 9 to 5 anyway.

This week will hopefully have a bit more space, space to act instead of only react.

I guess you know that, being busy you often end up fighting with stuff or resisting a change of your plans.

If the weeks list is not as filled as ususal, this leaves more space for you to act or to simply flow with events, without much resistance or fight.

This makes it more likely for things to happen easily.

When you feel resistance or stress though breathing helps, sometimes just noticing how you are breathing without changing it…or changing it and breathing more evenly, smoothly, deeply.

I wish you a wondeful week while you are flowing through your days.

Playing it out

For most people, creativity is a serious business. They forget the telling phrase ‘the play of ideas’ and think that they need to knuckle down and work more. Often, the reverse is true. They need to play.

Julia Cameron
I came across this quote today – and it’s obvious to me that we all don’t play enough.
Being part of another 30-Day-Challenge, where you create something in 30 days and launch it, I am working on my project – and it feels like play.
I find myself thinking “oh, that was easy” and my inner critic going “you need to work more” when I am in fact okay with it.
Playing with your ideas, starting something for the fun of it and learning – that’s how it works.
When did you play for the last time? A week ago, a month ago or a long time ago?
Don’t beat yourself up – start now!
Here are some suggestions you can try – they all don’t take much time:
– grab a piece of paper and some coloring pens – time to be a child again
– you could also use a coloring book and relax into it – for me this often sparks new ideas.
– go outside for a walk, take a camera with you and just do it! Take pictures!
– if your dream project is too far away, go play with it anyway – do a collage and visualize it!
– go outside and collect laves and chestnuts and other stuff like we did as children – use them for collages or create little animals…
That’s just a few ideas to get you into play-mode…I am sure there’s a lot more.
Just try it – no need to be perfect, this is supposed to be fun!
If you’d like to share your ideas, please do. I’d love to hear how playing works for you.

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

– Mark Twain

I don’t know where I read this today – but it’s one of these coincidences I love.

I have been thinking about what I could or would write – it was a lot like

Do I really have to fulfill the expectations of others? I am 51 now and far from leading a “settled” life.

I am at a point where I have to look at what I want for the years to come – and it’s obvious that settling, have a good 9-5 job,  is not on my list.

Creating, writing my book, helping others, maybe create a community is my thing.

This life, every day, is an amazing adventure to me -it never stops, not even in the darkest moments.

I remember my Dad’s funeral, in a forest, near a tree – there was so much beauty it made me smile – and grief was easier to bear.

Adventure does not mean the big thing, risky, only available for those travelling through the jungle or climbing high mountains.

It is here, each day, in a smaller way, nonetheless it’s what I need, what makes life worth living.

It can be chatting with a stranger on the train, trying a new sport, learn to drive a bike (maybe scary, yes), writing a poem and sharing it, learn a new language just for fun – you get the idea.

Age does not change that – not that I am old or feel old. It’s strange being told you’re getting older now – and should do this or that – or settle down for God’s sake.

Here’s a great example:

I got my newletter from Louise Hay – she’s turning 90 (!!!) next Saturday – and what an inspiration she still is.

She wrote today :

My own life really didn’t begin to have meaning until I was in my mid-40s. At the age of 50, I began my writing career on a very small scale. The first year I made a profit of $42. At 55, I ventured into the world of computers. They scared me, but I took classes and overcame the fear. Today I have three computers and travel with my iPad and iPhone everywhere! At 60, I had my first garden. At this same time, I enrolled in a children’s art class and began to paint. At 70 and 80, I was more creative and my life continues to get richer and fuller.

I still write, I lecture, I teach through my actions. I am constantly reading and studying. I own a very successful publishing company and have two non-profits. I’m a dedicated organic gardener. I grow most of my own food. I love people and parties. I have many loving friends. I travel extensively. I also am still painting and taking classes. My life has really become a treasure chest of experiences.

I want to help you create a conscious idea of your later years, to help you realize that these can be the most rewarding years of your life. Know that your future is always bright, no matter what your age. See your later years becoming your treasure years.

Instead of just getting old and giving up and dying, let’s learn to make a huge contribution to life. We have the time, we have the knowledge, and we have the wisdom to move out into the world with love and power.

Step forward, use your voice, get out in the world, and LIVE!

So, I intend to live like that and I hope you’ll think about it, too.

Age does not have to stop us from living our lives fully.

If we don’t mind it doesn’t matter🙂



Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.   – Wayne Dyer


Today is a public holiday in Germany, where I live.

Today I’ll only quote Wayne and think of those courageous enough to choose, so as a result the wall came down and our country was re-united.

Wherever you live – think and choose and celebrate!