Every day it is getting easier for me to start again.

I remember that very often so far September 1 marked a new job, new opportunities.

This year I’ll be free again, my contract is not renewed and I am quite happy to embrace this vchange and move forward not knowing yet what I’ll do.

For others it may be springtime – for me it’s the end of summer that brings new choices.

Like in 2001 when the decision was made for me, out of the blue, restructuring of the training team – and I was without the work I loved.

After some really hard days of fighting, denial – I finally decided to let go – and along came the opportunity to help friends with their low-budget-shortfilm. I never looked back.

I met new people, who are still friends. I mad totaly new experiences like shooting at night on an old cemetery. I worked and had fun. I enjoyed being alive.

We do not need such big events in our lives. we can choose every single day.

Every single moment we have a choice – and very often we just choose not to change.

Not to go for a new job, for a new relationship.

Not to take our heart and jump.

We then feel stuck or a bit bored or feel this yearning inside, this little voice asking “is this it? I am sure there’s more..”

Sometimes you need some small steps, a little change, new ways to work, new people in our lives – sometimes you simply have to trust and jump.

What will it be for you this week?



The Power Of NO

I was thinking about my writing a lot and how I always felt I don’t have enough time.

Work, long commuting times, feeling tired of living at my parents’ house to help Mum sort their stuff after my Dad died.

Things I should do – but don’t really love, not as much as writing.

People I should talk to -because it’s expected, relatives, neighbours, the bank, insurance guys and so on.

I feel right now that I have to set up strong boundaries – and at the same time I feel a sense of having to write right now.

With the state our planet is in at the moment, there’s no holding back, no “one day in the future I’ll write it” – I feel there’s only now, the moment.

So do I really want to waste my moments with tasks or jobs I don’t care for?

Do I really want to talk and spend time with people I don’t like that much?

Time to say NO, yes, a big one, to anything and anyone that does not belong into my life right now.

Life is too short for shoulds.

It’s a NO that needs no further explanation, no saying “sorry” – simply because I am not sorry.

I am simply doing what feels right to me and good for myself – and I really enjoy it.

Where are you still saying yes to something when you know deep down you want to say NO, loud and clear?



Being Kind to Yourself

With all that’s going on right now – in Nice, Turkey and many other places on our planet – it’s easy to be drawn into the “outside” drama. it’s easy to watch,  doubt,  question and loose faith in humanity.

It’s easy when you listen to the media and watch the news a lot.

On the other hand, if you withdraw from the TV and do something for yourself, something nice, that makes you and those around you feel good – this feeling will transform the atmosphere around you – and the people you meet.

So stop looking at outside events and retreat for a while each day.

Do something you love like singing or writing or walking in nature.

Play with you children, cook a healthy meal, listen to music you love, dance.

Just be kind to yourself – take time to be grateful for what you have anbd focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Create something you love – enjoy being here.



Three habits that keep me going

With many things going on – looking for a new job, maybe freelancing again, helping Mum to sort and maybe sell her house, some fo my friends going through rough patches, being in a stressful job right now – I noticed I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I have felt some years ago.

I thinks it’s because of these three habits that get me through each day, different, but in their combination very helpful.

#1 My Taoist practice:

Every single day I start  with my Qi Gong right when I get up, followed by some other things I learned from Barefoot Doctor ending with a bit ofacupressure and a short meditation.

Every morning I am setting an intention during my practice and I notice my days  are lighter, more flowing as a result.


#2 Writing

Whether it’s a short poem, a diary entry or a page for my book:  I am writing every day.

Putting things on paper clears my head, it’s fun and I have always been writing, no matter how tough or happy my life is. It’s a bit like meditating sometimes or playtime when I am having fun writing a little poem.


#3 Knitting

This might look like a surprise if you think of knitting as old-fashioned or Granny style.

I love how I can play with patterns and colors. I use not only wool but silk and linen, cashmere and it is a real luxury to relax into my knitting.

I always have several projects going, socks for knitting on the train while commuting, lace yarn and beads at home for a light and airy shawl.

I enjoy the process because it relaxes me, gets me out of being in my head and thinking so much – and I get a result I love and wear.

While writing this I looked up some older posts and noticed I have written about each of these habits before – so I linked to these posts.

What daily habits are helpful for you? Are they changing or more or less the same ones over years?

I’d love to hear from you – and thank you for reading.



My Dream Beyond the Laptop Lifestyle


This is my very last-minute post for Judith’s and Nicola’s blog competition. I have no idea how many words I used, this is what came out while writing freely, saying F*ck it! to most well planned things and just doing it !

I always dreamt of being able to work and travel, to be a writer and live in the countryside, preferrably South-France, and big cities like New York,when I like. To work on my own terms, be an artist, sing and produce my music, to write not only my songs but books and poetry.

I ‘ve been dreaming this dream long before laptops were invented. When I was in my teens, sitting under a tree in my Granny’s huge garden, where I loved to dream and enjoy most summers.

Over the years I left school and Granny’s garden, studied electronical engineering (because art rt music would have been too crazy, that’s what I was told), even finished it.

Then I never worked in this job, I did multiple jobs and always created something on the side – whether I wrote poems, dipped a toe into method acting, learned how to write screenplays and with a group of my new friends we made low-budget shortfilms.

I had jobs to pay the rent – and even when I loved parts of it, that yearning never left me.

The yearning for a sunny life, for a home on the beach, another home in a city – different countries,. different languages.

When I read John Williams’ book „Screw Work Let’s Play“ it rekindled my spark. I was not alone, out there were my fellows, people who lived the way I wanted to.

I discovered „The Fuck It Life“ in 2010- another John (C. Parkin) and my playful mode took over whenever I had a minute to spare.

One day John (Parkin) sent me an email about this friend of his who was teaching a technique how to manifest – and I watched my first video with Barefoot Doctor, not knowing then what impact this guy would have on my (dream) life. I only discovered that two and a half years later when I started to learn this “Taoist stuff”.

On my journey through various „good-enough-jobs“ I was mostly bored and between two jobs I went to a four-day Tony Robbins seminar in 2002 – „Date with Destiny“ – what a promise (and he delivered!!!)

These four days changed my life – I was good at coaching my teammates and I loved it. I met people from all over the planet and I loved that, too. The whole workshop was in English and I didn’t need trasnlation. I was part of an international team – and guess what: I enjoyed it!

Back in Germany I tried to find a coach training that was not the typical business coaching, not NLP only. It took me seven years to muster the courage for a year of coaching training in Bavaria, near Rosenheim.

I was attracted by the coaching team and blown away by the intensity. That’s what I wanted. Instigating change, see that spark in epople’s eyes when they realized they could do whatever they want to.

What I didn’t like was the „you need to coach one-to-one only and look them into their eyes“ – I liked that, but I wanted to coach people from everywhere – and I am a big fan of the interwebs and anything online. I suppose that’s from my job with AOL in the late nineties. So I looked for online weminars and how to learn that.

More research, many more books and online tools later I did my first 30-day-challenge with John Williams and many motivated people creating our play projects. Mine was a script for a poetry shortfilm.

Why is this so important? Because one of the coaches was Judith Morgan and I really liked her style. (must be serendipity that the first thing I found on her website was an interview with the Barefoot Doctor)

We share the same Wealth Dynamics profile – we’re both creators, we are both born in the same star sign – and this time it took me only 18 months to join her coaching group. To share my ideas and take steps towards my dream life.

So, now, after a year of personal drama with my Dad and his dementia, his unexpected death last December, and my job contract ending on August 31, my stuff in storage, it looks like the opportunity is there. I feel open, excited and scared – I am writing this post to get clear and find my courage to take the next step.

I know I need to build my own business, to jump into freelancing again, like I did in my forties – I loved it, even the downs.

Everything has it’s yin and yang aspect – that’s what I learned from Barefoot Doctor and with him as teacher and role model (travelling the planet as we speak, with several laptops), I think it’s my time to jump.

I am a mix of practical planning type, that’s the engineer part – and woo woo, that’s the woman who learned Huna and Taoist Manifesting Magic.

That’s what my teachers reflect and I think now is my time to take my laptop and say „Screw Work, Fuck It – lets play. CHI!“




My Daily Taoist Practice…

…and how it changed my life – or my perception of it.

Two years ago I started on a journey – curious, exploring – with no idea where it would lead me.

Me, who had said no to everything that came from China, never tried that stuff, never liked the teachers, and never thought I’d be able to do it for more than three weeks.

I was at a point in my life where I had tried lots of coaching and spiritual practice, I had learned Huna, Yoga, meditation, I did all this stuff, but not every day and not long. Always ready to move on…

I knew what I wanted and I had no idea how to get there – so I asked the Universe to show me and I’d go for it. I surrendered.

Five minutes later I received a mail from Barefoot Doctor, the weekly one, which I had been reading for two years, because I liked his writing and his humour.

It was an invitation to an Online Satsang – about magic and money. I thought I needed money to improve my situation, so I booked.

I got the Taoist meditation the first time, I fell into my back (inside) and I loved this feeling. This was it , I needed this – the stillness, the energy, the joy.

I did a few Satsangs and felt better every time. Now I wanted to feel good not only on Sundays – so when he opened his School for Warriors program, I took it.

My mind mas still questioning the daily practice – but Barefoot told us to only do it for 6 minutes a day and then stop. He was the first teacher that didn’t ask for 30 minutes, once or twice a day. 6 minutes where do-able – and the trick was working.

Two weeks into School for Warriors I asked for more, I wanted to do more, my body wanted a bit more training.

Step by step I did more minutes. Over the months I learned his Qi Gong style, I joined every Satsang, I used healing sounds.

This does not mean I did a lot every day – I stayed on track, even when sick or very busy because I did something ( and it could be as small as doing five healing sounds) every day – no matter what.

What did I get from doing it ?

  • Relaxation: I feel relaxed whenever I want – I use the techniques and drop back – which gives me the opportunity to handle situations and stress in  a calm way and most of the time problems resolve elegantly
  • Strength: I feel stronger in my body – and I love my body. I love doing my training, I am addicted to it in a positive way, because I feel so good afterwards. I even get up earlier and I wasn’t even a morning person.
  • Joy: I enjoy every day, just because I am alive and now see this as the greatest gift there is.

Yes, I have good and bad days, that’s part of being human – it’s my perception and reaction that completely changed.

It’s difficult to put in words – you have to see for yourself.

Now, this month you have the chance to try Barefoot Doctors stuff for free: he’s doing an online adventcalendar with 24 gifts here

Give it a try – feel it, you’ll know if it’s for you.

P.S. in case you’re wondering: money was showing up, too, as a nice side-effect, and money still flows into my life.



Grey Sunday

The last Sunday of November – and the first advent.

Outside it has been grey, dark and very windy. Time to cuddle on the sofa, to knit, to cook a nice hot meal.

This weekend is also the first Christmas market weekend – and we have one at the castle, crowded – with a nice touch.

The other one in town will run until Christmas Eve and it’s extremely commercial, the same stuff offered every year, not so christmassy at all. When you visit this market after dark – because of the lights – be prepared for drunk people at one of the hugest stalls, or to be crushed in the crowd.

This doesn’t make me feel like Christmas time at all.

For me this time means meeting friends, family – celebrating and sharing our joy, to be alive, to love – that’s the spirit.

To get into this spirit and to relax through this time, no matter how stressed and exhausting your environment is, no matter if you are into Christmas or not – I offer my “24 Days To Christmas” e-course for free.

We start on December 1 – you can still sign up here.