Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

– Mark Twain

I don’t know where I read this today – but it’s one of these coincidences I love.

I have been thinking about what I could or would write – it was a lot like

Do I really have to fulfill the expectations of others? I am 51 now and far from leading a “settled” life.

I am at a point where I have to look at what I want for the years to come – and it’s obvious that settling, have a good 9-5 job,  is not on my list.

Creating, writing my book, helping others, maybe create a community is my thing.

This life, every day, is an amazing adventure to me -it never stops, not even in the darkest moments.

I remember my Dad’s funeral, in a forest, near a tree – there was so much beauty it made me smile – and grief was easier to bear.

Adventure does not mean the big thing, risky, only available for those travelling through the jungle or climbing high mountains.

It is here, each day, in a smaller way, nonetheless it’s what I need, what makes life worth living.

It can be chatting with a stranger on the train, trying a new sport, learn to drive a bike (maybe scary, yes), writing a poem and sharing it, learn a new language just for fun – you get the idea.

Age does not change that – not that I am old or feel old. It’s strange being told you’re getting older now – and should do this or that – or settle down for God’s sake.

Here’s a great example:

I got my newletter from Louise Hay – she’s turning 90 (!!!) next Saturday – and what an inspiration she still is.

She wrote today :

My own life really didn’t begin to have meaning until I was in my mid-40s. At the age of 50, I began my writing career on a very small scale. The first year I made a profit of $42. At 55, I ventured into the world of computers. They scared me, but I took classes and overcame the fear. Today I have three computers and travel with my iPad and iPhone everywhere! At 60, I had my first garden. At this same time, I enrolled in a children’s art class and began to paint. At 70 and 80, I was more creative and my life continues to get richer and fuller.

I still write, I lecture, I teach through my actions. I am constantly reading and studying. I own a very successful publishing company and have two non-profits. I’m a dedicated organic gardener. I grow most of my own food. I love people and parties. I have many loving friends. I travel extensively. I also am still painting and taking classes. My life has really become a treasure chest of experiences.

I want to help you create a conscious idea of your later years, to help you realize that these can be the most rewarding years of your life. Know that your future is always bright, no matter what your age. See your later years becoming your treasure years.

Instead of just getting old and giving up and dying, let’s learn to make a huge contribution to life. We have the time, we have the knowledge, and we have the wisdom to move out into the world with love and power.

Step forward, use your voice, get out in the world, and LIVE!

So, I intend to live like that and I hope you’ll think about it, too.

Age does not have to stop us from living our lives fully.

If we don’t mind it doesn’t matter🙂



Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.   – Wayne Dyer


Today is a public holiday in Germany, where I live.

Today I’ll only quote Wayne and think of those courageous enough to choose, so as a result the wall came down and our country was re-united.

Wherever you live – think and choose and celebrate!



Being in The Gap and Loving It

My situation at the moment is what I’d call a gap-situation.

My last job ended a month ago – and although I am working on ideas and projects I still haven’t got a new job, meaning a new “nine to five” job, like everyone seems to think I should. (There are no shoulds in life..but that’s another post, coming soon)

I moved to my Mum’s house after Dad died – to help declutter and sell the house – no decision made so far, because Mum feels she does not know yet what she wants. I have no idea if she’ll ever know, so I have to trust life.

I feel like being in-between, being in this zone where I am awake and alert, yet feel like time is standing still.

I know that pushing the river, the flow of life, won’t work now.

Working on my creative projects, writing, all these projects get me through my days, give me perspective.

I have a feeling like free-lancing or starting my own business is the way, no matter what.

So I am working and planning anyway, reading books like “Screw Work Break Free” or “Fuck It Do What You Love” helps.

I am not alone on my way – each day I notice more people going for what they love instead of the “normal” job.

Being in the gap means I have limitless possibilities ahead if I remain open, I have just to remain open-minded and open-hearted. I have to relax into the gap.

For that I am practicing the Taoist meditation and QiGong I learned from Barefoot Doctor – it really works.

I should feel stressed or under pressure to push out of this – and I simply don’t. I am not lazy, I am just doing different work – work I love.

I trust that this situation like others before will resolve in the most elegant way – maybe not the way I want, maybe much better.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know many people are in situations like this right now, in between jobs or just in situations where they feel stuck.

Trust, relax – and it will turn out better than you ever imagined.

P.S. if you want to share your “gap”-experiences – I’d love to hear them.


Here we go again

October 1, 2016 – a new start.

A new start to revive my blog and create a habit of writing.

The start of the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) – you write a post each day,  for 31 days.

I’ve done this UBC twice so far – so here I am again, after some turbulences, after life – and death  – got in the way.

I am not my real self when I am not writing, I am not ME – if that makes sense.

I drive myself – and my family, friends – crazy. I am nervous, I am feeling out of order, even sick.

Writing centers me, writing makes me happy, makes me confident in moving forward.

Writing provides a much needed clarity as well as focus.

So stay tuned for 30 more posts to come and let me know what habits you’d like to create, what would be a challenge for you?




Every day it is getting easier for me to start again.

I remember that very often so far September 1 marked a new job, new opportunities.

This year I’ll be free again, my contract is not renewed and I am quite happy to embrace this vchange and move forward not knowing yet what I’ll do.

For others it may be springtime – for me it’s the end of summer that brings new choices.

Like in 2001 when the decision was made for me, out of the blue, restructuring of the training team – and I was without the work I loved.

After some really hard days of fighting, denial – I finally decided to let go – and along came the opportunity to help friends with their low-budget-shortfilm. I never looked back.

I met new people, who are still friends. I mad totaly new experiences like shooting at night on an old cemetery. I worked and had fun. I enjoyed being alive.

We do not need such big events in our lives. we can choose every single day.

Every single moment we have a choice – and very often we just choose not to change.

Not to go for a new job, for a new relationship.

Not to take our heart and jump.

We then feel stuck or a bit bored or feel this yearning inside, this little voice asking “is this it? I am sure there’s more..”

Sometimes you need some small steps, a little change, new ways to work, new people in our lives – sometimes you simply have to trust and jump.

What will it be for you this week?



The Power Of NO

I was thinking about my writing a lot and how I always felt I don’t have enough time.

Work, long commuting times, feeling tired of living at my parents’ house to help Mum sort their stuff after my Dad died.

Things I should do – but don’t really love, not as much as writing.

People I should talk to -because it’s expected, relatives, neighbours, the bank, insurance guys and so on.

I feel right now that I have to set up strong boundaries – and at the same time I feel a sense of having to write right now.

With the state our planet is in at the moment, there’s no holding back, no “one day in the future I’ll write it” – I feel there’s only now, the moment.

So do I really want to waste my moments with tasks or jobs I don’t care for?

Do I really want to talk and spend time with people I don’t like that much?

Time to say NO, yes, a big one, to anything and anyone that does not belong into my life right now.

Life is too short for shoulds.

It’s a NO that needs no further explanation, no saying “sorry” – simply because I am not sorry.

I am simply doing what feels right to me and good for myself – and I really enjoy it.

Where are you still saying yes to something when you know deep down you want to say NO, loud and clear?



Being Kind to Yourself

With all that’s going on right now – in Nice, Turkey and many other places on our planet – it’s easy to be drawn into the “outside” drama. it’s easy to watch,  doubt,  question and loose faith in humanity.

It’s easy when you listen to the media and watch the news a lot.

On the other hand, if you withdraw from the TV and do something for yourself, something nice, that makes you and those around you feel good – this feeling will transform the atmosphere around you – and the people you meet.

So stop looking at outside events and retreat for a while each day.

Do something you love like singing or writing or walking in nature.

Play with you children, cook a healthy meal, listen to music you love, dance.

Just be kind to yourself – take time to be grateful for what you have anbd focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Create something you love – enjoy being here.