Don’t look down…

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.
It matters that you don’t just give up.

– Stephen Hawking


Sit and look, sit and think about it – how does it feel?

Isn’t that one of the most beautiful quotes ever?


Spring – time for renewal

It’s Monday – again – and I feel excited. After one of these “thinking/feeling” weekends I am now in the planning stage. I am ready to take the next step.

My energy levels are higher. Seems like a miracle, as for me many new things in my life used to start in fall. Now it’s spring and I can feel the energy: re-birth, re-newal is in the air.

For me this means to re-new my promise to myself, to do my thing, to work on my issues as well as to help other people who are on the path and not sure how or where or what is next. Sometimes our paths are blocked, sometimes help is hidden in plain sight…

What is it you want to renew this spring?

Is it

  • your commitment to care for your body, eating consciously and moving more
  • your life the way you want it to be
  • being enough for anything
  • stopping to hide who you really are

Whatever it is, this time of the year feels good for re-newal. Write a list, feel, sit quit, five minutes is enough, listen inside….and write it down.

Carry on with your day and take another five minutes tomorrow. See you then..


The Way of The Fool

Today is April Fool’s Day – and we tend to play jokes, have fun.

What’s more interesting is that in honouring the fool we give ourselves permission to be a bit more like him or her.



When you look at the Tarot Card “The Fool” you sew a person, who joyfully walks her path, open for new and exciting things, sometimes bumbling along, yes, but willing to embrace what’s there – being completely in the now and trusting, that everything will be amazing, that everything is taken care of.

So, yes, we should have a feast right now, today, to celebrate the way of the fool, to dance and have fun and trust that everything will work out fine.

P.S. for the one’s wholove a good story or joke, how about that?


Writing one post per day…

…keeps the doctor away 🙂

Like I wrote in my last post: writing and creating on a daily basis keeps me healthy and sane.

So, this April, starting tomorrow (yes, no day better than April Fool’s day) – no, this is not a joke…..I’ll write and share every day for the whole month.

You can let me know in the comments if you’d like me to cover a particular topic.

This is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge – after months of inner work I feel I ‘m up to it again.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot more to come.

Creating my business my way

Thinking about my business made me realize that the idea to be my own boss, to work from home and on my very unique schedule, was born in 2002, when I was without a job after being one of the German IT trainers for a big American Online Service (yes, the clue is in there…). I found myself made redundant in the middle of my Apple workshop and stood outside the building on a sunny day in September 2001. In January 2002, still looking for a “normal” job, I went to a “Date with Destiny” in South Carolina – and yes, that Tony Robbins (most of my German frineds had no idea who that guy is) got me thinking, feeling energized, meeting fellow entrepreneurs. One of them told me I should start my own business in her “just do it” way, so very American, still it felt right.

Now, I had no idea what kind of business – and the job agency offered only very conventional ideas – I am many things, but conventional is not one of them.

So I tried different ways over the years, always in addition to a “proper job”: creative writing, Huna (Hawaiian shamanism), poetry, sketching, writing screenplays. I was part of several short film projects, some low- or no-budget films. If I knew one thing I could trust it was my creative power. I loved my projects, I had many and in different areas, but I had no idea how to turn this into a business. Most people didn’t get at that time why I would want to start one anyway.

Long story short: after two years as financial consultant, I had somehow tried to run my business, I did it in a area where my creativity was not the main thing I needed. Yes, I loved the part where I acquired clients and I loved consultations, I was even good with numbers – but: my heart was not in this stuff.

I left and tried more new things, like singing and vocal coaching, when I remembered a coach training in Bavaria. A friend had taken the year long training and was very excited. Long story short: I got in, was succesful, got my certification and had – again – no idea how to make money with it.

So I offered some live trainings, some meditation evenings, put leaflets out there – no one signed up. Time to look for help. And – long story short – after some crazy coincidences it happened. It took some time, but it happened.

One day, when I signed up for one of John Williams 30-Day-Challenges, he introduced a coach, she was working with small businesses. Her name was – and still is –  Judith  Morgan. And she seemed to get the challenges I was facing, she was calm, grounded and had some really good ideas. She was also open to woo-woo – and when I looked at her website it was business-like, but in pink, my all-time favourite colour. She had an interview with my favourite Taoist teacher, Barefoot Doctor, on it – and that felt like “hoorray, this is the right place now”. I strongly believe in serendipity, you see.

We had even more in common: we were both born in May, so our starsign is Taurus ( a bit stubborn, but well grounded ), we both love pink, and we both have a similar wealth dynamics profile: creator.

Some months later, still working a part-time job in customer service, I joined SBBM, her Small Business Big Magic group and immediately felt at home. Yes, some of her ideas I disagreed with, some I tried and they worked. So now, after many changes in my personal life I am starting my business – and Judith has written her first book “Your Biz Your Way” – you’ll find more about that here: – and of course the cover is pink!

In her book, she answers every question we business owners asked her, in her unique way….it’s her practical wisdom in combination with her humour – you’ll love it, too. No matter how often I run into my own bonkersness – oh, I love that word – I think “what would Judith say or do?” and most of the time she’s simply right and brilliantly so.

For this post that is part of her Blogfest, she asked several questions – and I realize now that some answers are already included in my story. Hmm, now I’ve done it again, in my creative messy way. Judith would never do that, she’s organized and has a lot more discipline that I usually have. Okay, I’ll answer now:

So, my business is one of coaching and writing, but I hesitate to use the word coach, I see myself as someone who helps you to get clarity and remove obstacles in your path. I help you unleash your creative spirit and by this your life my change, your direction may be different, you may find, you’ll live  more freely and with a bit of adventure. If you always wanted to create (whether it’s writing, music, film, painting), yet have no idea when and how, I’m your partner (in crime). Relax, you don’t have to jump, yet, you can take small steps and we’ll get you where yourr heart long to be.

So, the way I run my business differently is that right now I am still working for others as a writer, producing content, doing translations sometimes, just to keep me afloat moneywise. I run my business mostly online, I need the freedom to work from every place and at a time where I work best – and no, that’s not early mornings or nine to five.

Though I agree that one needs only one idea for business -with many angles – but only one, ( Judith that’s your work, I used to be a scanner, failing, but having lots of idea sex) I am still working it out as I go along. I had to make a business plan for the job agency once and I succeeded (with some help of my tac accountant), yes, but how I hate these excel sheets and numbers and wasting time projecting numbers when my business is constantly changing. My main idea remains, the pieces are still floating around to form it, to make it mine – so I am really loving what I do and not just doing it for money.

I am different, so I do things differently. I plan a week or a month ahead and work accordingly – I am also a person, who adapts easily to change, who may even need change to be happy and not bored to death.

I find that when I create regularly, when I write on a daily basis I am happy. I need creativity and writing as much as I need the calm and quiet. After years of being told that I was an extrovert my introvert finally came out, very slowly, shy, and she asked for more time to re-charge. So I include me-time as much as possible in my schedule.

I do business differently because I use all my skills, the Taoist stuff I learned gets me through difficult times, the Huna I use for my clients and myself. Most important however is that I am in the process of learning to trust my inner knowing more and more.

Can’t wait to read your comments, Judith.








Two days only…

…until we start this year’s Christmas Course. So you might ask yourself, why should I sign up and have another mail in my inbox?

If you experience the weeks before Christmas like I used to you’ll be busy, running around and planning a lot, having many appointments and feel very  tired  or exhausted on Christmas Eve.

Or you decide you are not into the Christmas rush and get drawn into it, no matter what – because you have to go into the city centre and there are all these busy people, no smiles, everyone so very busy to buy gifts.

That’s why I designed this little e-course: it contains practical and magical tools, it’s a mix like I am.

Practical and planning on one hand, that’s the engineer in me though I studied a long time ago. Magical on the other hand – I learned Huna and LOA and many so called magical tools, that increase serendipity and joyful coincidences and let you flow through life more easily.

For every day from December 1 you’ll find an email in your box, which takes you 1 minute to read and mostly 5 minutes to try, sometimes a bit longer. To make you relax a bit more and enjoy this time of the year.

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