Love Yourself First

Yesterday was World Selflove-Day (I didn’t even know there is such a thing) and today is Valentine’s Day.

I wonder why we need these days – I mean, you are either in a loving relationship – so you are hopefully sharing love each day, or on many days. You wouldn’t need Valentine’s Day to do something special for your partner, right? Besides, sometimes it feels like this day was invented to sell flowers, expensive chocolate and champagne.

If you are single, to be reminded that you have to be part of a couple – now that’s bulls*@t, and clever marketing of course. I know some of my single friends will feel even more lonely today – especially with the pandemic and the current restrictions.

The key to dealing with these issues is self-love. And that is – for most people, and for almost every woman – way easier said than done. Too deeply ingrained are the limiting beliefs that we are “not good enough” “not beautiful enough” “too much/fat/thin/ whatever” – and yes, I know. I’ve felt like this for a long time and when I look at pictures today, I can see that I was totally okay in my teens and twenties/thirties/etc – not looking like a model, but who cares. I was perfect, and yet I felt always like I was lacking something. It was so hard to accept my body, to accept that I am different – a creative and rebellious spirit.

But: there is no other way. If you want to lead a great life, love yourself the way you are. Don’t wait for approval, permission or someone else to love you first.

Start with the thing that helped me, too. Look in the mirror and smile – and say to the person in the mirror “I love you”. I know it will feel weird first. I promise. it will get easier over time. Or use the Louise Hay approach in front of a mirror: say three times loud “I love myself and I approve of myself”. Do this every morning and it will definitely change your life.

Feel into your heart, feel the love – and instead of going outside and giving your love to someone else, give it to yourself first. Do nice things for yourself. Buy yourself some flowers. Go for a walk. Do the meditation – whatever makes you happy. Don’t wait for a partner.

Because, and that’s what’s really great about this, when you are loving yourself, you don’t come across as needy any more – and people can feel that. So it will be a lot easier to attract love.

Also, when you start spreading love because you feel so good – love will come back – in many beautiful and unexpected ways.

Start now – and enjoy your day.


One thought on “Love Yourself First

  1. So true. My husband and I had a blind date on this day 36 years ago. He died almost a year to the day, ago. This year has been my odyssey of self-love, self-respect and joy. Of course, I’d rather he was still here-and maybe he is. We have many communications!

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