New Moon – New Year

Yesterday we had a new moon – which is always a great day for new beginnings.

With a new moon in Aquarius it’s a time to be calm, to go into stillness – and have a look at the things your soul needs.

Look at the areas in your life, where you want change and ask inside, ask your heart, where it wants to go.

Today marks the beginning of a new lunar year – or Chinese New Year . This year is the Year of the Metal Ox.

Which means if 2021 – the “normal” year (time is an illusion, you know) – did not live up to your expectations so far, here’s your chance for a fresh start.

The Year of the Ox is said to be filled with harmony and blue is the lucky colour.

I’m not an astrologer, but harmony sounds good. As sound new beginnings. You don’t have to wait until New Year – each day is a new start. You just have to choose.


3 thoughts on “New Moon – New Year

  1. Thank you Sabine
    Harmony sounds good for this Rooster (1957)! Blue – I wear it well!
    Every day is a new start – thanks for the reminder.

    Cheers F

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