Just Walk

It’s Saturday and it has stopped raining over here, so I’m off right now for my walk.

I walk almost every day, for at least thirty minutes, often longer. It keeps me sane and it has helped me through all these shut-downs (that’s what the German politicians call our lock-downs) – because we were still allowed to go outside and have a walk, to move.

Our bodies need fresh air and movement. A walk is perfect – and it doesn’t matter, whether you can go to a forest or park, or whether you live in the city.

Don’t wait for the perfect time or environment – put on the adequate clothing and walk. Enjoy it – one step at a time. See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Just Walk

  1. Back again now that WordPress recognizes me. I’m going to make it shorter this time because I forgot what I said the last time other than I love walking thank you for this reminder and I walk every day for creative inspiration and because I have a dog.

  2. I walk almost daily; it’s the one way I know to start my day on the right foot (pun intended!). To all the bloggers who post about their walks: thank you! I like to think we’re taking a walk together.

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