It takes courage…

Be authentic they said,

be yourself

everything will be fine

While I know that

being authentic is the key

loving myself is key

listening to that soft inner voice is important

that speaking my truth

uncovering my true voice

is important

I also know that

things won’t be sunshine and rainbows all day

I know because I have walked the path

I have known for a long time

where my heart wants to go

I have resisted, I have tried to fit in

tried to change into

someone that is easy to accept

easy to love because she’s making everyone happy

except herself

I know that when you really listen

the soft voice never stops,

it’s always there -whispering until

you’ll get to the point of no return

You have to express your truth

write your songs, to share your story and tools

shoot that video, to publish your book

use everything you’ve got

show up as you – no matter what

It’s not always easy

people will leave your orbit

it will hurt, but not speaking your truth

will hurt you more

you still doubt your talent

you may not always trust the path

That’s okay

That’s life

that’s being human

as long as you walk

step by step

as long as you throw

everything you have

into it

It takes courage

to create

in the presence of doubt and fear


as long as your heart is ready to jump

as long as you can write, sing, dance

there’s the voice inside whispering

there’s hope, always hope

You know there’s no going back

hiding is not an option

trying to please others – not any longer

You know deep down

you have to let it out

who or whatever it is

you know sometimes

you have to nudge and push

you also have to be gentle and kind

to yourself

Love yourself first

every part of you, even the darker ones

especially the dark ones

only when you are true to your heart

are you able to

attract what you want

get in to the flow

do the work

enjoy it because you love it

even when it feels hard

when you struggle to find the words

when you look for the perfect sound

when your skills seem not enough

when you feel like

it’s never going to fit together

That’s the point where you have to

love yourself enough

go all in – no back-doors

no hiding or sneaking out

Stop caring about what others think

never give up on your dreams

Because when you live your life

authentic, courageous, creative

you will inspire somebody else

to live that, too

so she will inspire the next person

until we all -that’s the vision –

give each other permission

to be who we truly are

embracing our destiny

Trusting that the Universe is

full of beauty

a field of possibilities

where the Tao is smiling


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