This Time Next Year

The year is still fresh – I guess like most people you have been making New Year’s resolutions or setting goals for 2017.

I tend to use this quiet January days to plan my year and visualize.

First I start asking questions:

Where do I want to be next year, this time? What do I love to do, what kind of companionship do I want?

How does my life look like? How do I look and feel?

Am I travelling, will I stay in the same place or have a base-camp in Europe?

Will I have published my book? Will I work freelance, running my own business?

What will I do to stay healthy, what lifestyle can i create?

Try it and notice the feeelings that comne along with images.

Write it down, how would your day look like this time next year?

I’ll go into visualization tomorrow!

P.S. have fun with it and play 🙂


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