Getting Out of Planning Mode

..and into action!

Last week Jonathan Mead’s blog struck a cord, big time.

I have been in planning mode for weeks now, with the excuse that I don’t know where exactly I am going or how.

Hell, I don’t need to know. I need to take some baby steps, smallest action steps towards my goals.

I need to take some steps that make me feel alive again.

So I started today, taking action, some practical things I had been resisting like hoovering my place, doing the laundry, clear out more space, sell one of my coats I stopped wearing…

and one thing is this blog post. My blog has been “sleeping” for a while and I was so busy that I stopped writing.

When I stop writing two things usually happen:

1. I don’t notice the yearning, I act like I have  more important stuff going on (let’s be honest, my Dad’s dementia is an excuse everyone accepts – but not my inner writer) and

2. I get so grumpy and nervous, I’d attack my co-workers were it not for my daily Qi Gong practice that keeps me centered and calm…but still something makes me grumpy, words start forming sentences in my head, no matter where I am or whether I have time to write. I look at the sky, see a bird and a poem comes to mind, that needs to be written, now.

So here I am, again, starting, with some good things for you, my readers, to come.Stay tuned, there’ll be more.


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