Ready to Launch

Today is Launch Day for my 30 Day Challenge project. I am excited to ship and a bit scared.
So many firsts: writing in English, poetry dialogues, sharing it with people I only met online.
My inner perfectionist is having a fit, she thinks we are not finished yet, it’s not good enough, and what if the others don’t like it?
Well, I promised to do this, so here we go:

This is were it all started
CafeKostbar 1

– and this is where it will end:
Rollei Compactline 302Rollei Compactline 302

Mysterious? Yes. A group of people met 15 years ago to discuss movies and write screenplays. We wrote and shot some low-budget-films and somehow we drifted apart. This year we decided to meet again and create something new.
In April I discussed this idea with a friend and we went for a walk and ended up in the castle garden. I think of it as the place where the idea was present and it feels like a good place for poetry, a romantic contrast to the modern issues. The film brings these people together after a break of several years and they’ll talk in poems, because it’s more fun (and the writer -me – is a poet).
Of course old conflicts will come up, but to everyone’s surprise there may be an unexpected solution.

How this will exactly happen – well, the storyline is still changing and evolving – stay tuned.


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