Recharging my batteries

Today is my day off between two challenges. Last night I launched my project on the 30 Day Challenge and today the Ultimate Blog Challenge starts.

I need a – however short – break now. I need to rest today. No “shoulds” on my to-do-list.

This does not meen collapsing on the sofa or watching TV.

Recharging means doing a short meditation, some Taoist exercises I learned, and being kind to myself.

Recharging my batteries means time for a walk along the river -watching the ducks, listening to the birds, all the green around me – it always helps. Re-connecting to nature, I feel calm, centered and open.

Creating helps, too, simply to create for fun. So I will do some knitting today. I love working with gorgeous colours and fine yarn – so today I’ll work on a beaded shawl in turquoise.

Rollei Compactline 302

I don’t know how, but knitting relaxes me and gives me new ideas at the same time. Maybe because of the repetitions of the pattern, I don’t know.
Walking clears my head – knitting brings my focus back. (And I have something nice to wear when I am finished.)

What do you do to recharge?