How to handle Mondays

It’s Monday – and I realized how many people are sad on Mondays.

It’s for most of us the beginning of a new workweek – and obviously we don’t love what we do, don’t we?

I remember being a consultant, I loved the job and the guys I worked with – we had a meeting each Monday morning at ten am. and I was always there early, eager to start, to use it to empower me even more and go out and acquire new clients.

I also remember working in customer service – and not loving Monday anymore. Simply because we had the highest numbers of callers on Mondays – and the craziest. The sick rate was high, we were too few people, so yes, I didn’t like it. I was always exhausted after a Monday shift.

One day I decided to change this. A friend wrote about time and how the workweek is nothing fixed, just something people invented, like the weekdays and the weekend.

So I am allowed to have fun on a Monday. As soon as I changed this internally I found ways to make my workdays more joyful.

Here are some ideas:

  • get up a bit earlier and do something for your body, like Tai Chi or Pilates
  • do your biggest task first thing in the morning
  • put empowering images on your workspace
  • smile at your coworkers (simple yet effective)
  • reward yourself with me – time

Be creative, invent some ways that make you feel good !

Life is too short to only happen on weekends!




Old Stuff and how to handle it

Do you know that feeling when you try to manifest something new or decide to go for what you really love – and the next thing you notice is “old stuff” meaning feelings, people, situations turn up.

Like a huge wave – they’re all here showing up, blocking your sight, tearing you down if you let them.

Try to manifest money and all the old bills, debts, show up, all the feelings about money, your old patterns – they’re here to be solved, once and for all. Same with jobs, relationships, health.

This old stuff is a sign for the energy moving in the direction of your goal.

Let’s look at some ways to handle it:

  • you can ignore it: not very helpful, believe me. These patterns and energies will come back, until you have accepted and resolved them.
  • look at them: yes, take a clear look and accept what you see, no matter if dark or light, as a part of your sphere. Acceptance is the first step to change.
  • the next step can be to dissolve them in the light, to love them and learn what they’ re trying to show you. It can feel like embracing your shadow. Debbie Ford’s books and shadow work can help you with that.
  • or you can try your own version of handling them and share it with me.

Have a joyful weekend, no matter what!


Simply Be you


What is it you are avoiding to be? What is your “true” self?

When and with whom are you true to yourself?

Relax – think about it, feel into the situations. More ideas will come soon.

Happy Friday!

Did You Fall For This, Too?

When I was a child I used to play in my Grandma’s huge garden, I sat under a tree and made up stories.

I learned some crafts from Gran and startet to sew, to create clothes for my dolls.

I learned cooking and baking and made up my own recipes and for me this act of daily creating and enjoying it was life. I loved it.

This joy ended when school started and I had to spend my days indoors, had to do homework and was only free to do what I love when I had everything else done.

That’s life I was told. I went to university and gave myself a bit more freedom, studied longer – and was a musician, singer, politician and author on the side.

I was told I could do what I love when I had my diploma.

Then I was told to get a decent job and if I would be successful and make lots of money – one day I might be able to do what I love again. Maybe when I’d retire.

I really tried, I believed the “success and money first, joy and fun later”- lie.

I only woke up when a friend died young or unexpectedly, when I was in shock – these moments I realized how short life could be and this “one day” might never come.

Most people I know believe in this lie, we were told from our families and they from their¬† parents and so on. They didn’t know better, I guess. But it’s a lie.

The lie that you have to earn your freedom.

The lie that you’ll be free “one day” – when you are successful enough, rich enough.

This day for most of us never arrives” – so we never do what we really love, we bury our dreams and think that’s the way is has to be.

Freedom and choices are in the NOW.

“One day” is an illusion, a future that may come or not, who knows.

So, what do you choose NOW?

I choose freedom, joy and fun – and doing what I love NOW!


you ‘re maybe wondering…

..why I started to write and share on a daily basis -again.

One of the things I learned in 2016 is that writing helps me get through anything, yes, ANYTHING.

I didn’t publish it often, because it was very private, very close to my heart,¬† after my Dad died.

I didn’t publish my writing, I even stopped writing when I had sort of a breakdown last spring. I hesitate to call it burnout, but I guess everything was just too much.

That’s how it felt. I got better over the last months, and I started writing again.

The effect was amazing. The more I write, the better I feel.

So, now I am writing and publishing again, the need to share is back – again.

I am part of January’s ultimate blog challenge, yes. That’s an additional motivation.

Writing each day and sharing it with you – that’s what keeps me sane.

That’s what I love doing, what I really enjoy.

Stay tuned for lots more – I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Enjoying Winter.jpg

Yesterday morning we had the first snow for this winter.

Most people stayed inside watching. Many had taken a day or two off work to start the new year.

The snow made everything go slower, more silently.

There’s a certain beauty to a cold winter day, snow or not.

These days are ideal for cooking a hearty meal, like (vegetarian) chili . They offer a reason to light candles in every room, time for knitting and cuddling with your pets and family.

You can go for a walk in the snow. I love fresh snow under my feet.

You can retreat and enjoy the warmth of your home.

Whatever you do I wish you a beautiful day!