It’s That Time Again

…when you look at your calendar and realize, it’s November already, close to the end of November…

Christmas is coming…it’s coming faster ever year. That’s how I feel it at least.

I always feel a bit less relaxed than I usually am – but: I have a cure for it.

For the last two years I have run my “24 Days to Christmas”- course – and you guys loved it.


24 days

So I’ll be doing it again, to help you (and myself) enjoy this time of the year, relax a bit more each day and have fun.

Each day from December 1 you’ll receive an email with a tool, a story or an exercise to make your day more joyful, you relax a bit more and the whole X-mas thingy more fun. It only takes 5 minutes – and it works.

In addition to that you’ll get an audio meditation on day 1 to set an intention for the whole 24 days. We’ll also have a private Facebook group, which you can join if you want to chat and share and ask questions…and whatever else you like.

We may even have a Facebook live session – no date fixed yet.

It’s free and it’s fun – what are you waiting for?

Sign up right now – it’s here:





Feeling Grateful

Today, my friends in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Families come together, have an amazing meal and share. And while I know that this sounds too ideal for many of us, I also know how good it feels to give thanks.

To simply stop today, sit down and make a list ( one in your head is okay, too, does not need to be on paper) with things in your life for which you are grateful.

Just start with “I give thanks…

  • for being alive today
  • for my good friends
  • for my family
  • for being healthy and strong
  • for being able to express my joy
  • for the sunshine on my face
  • for having something to eat and drink
  • for being able to walk
  • for…

Notice how it makes you feel. Is that a smile starting to spread over your face?

This process is simple yet profound and only takes five minutes.

Give thanks and enjoy your day.


Trust your inner voice

Now she’s writing about something I am not sure about you may think.

My inner voice, how do I recognize, how do I know it’s really my true inner voice and not some bullshit, some sort of hallucination?

How do I know if I can trust the wisdom it is offering me? How do I know I’m not making this stuff up?

It’s so very loud in our world, how are we supposed to hear that tiny, soft voice inside?

Don_t let the noise of others_ opinions drown out your own inner voice._

We have to dim the noise, put away our mobiles, stop sitting in front of the TV set watching horrible news and all the loud stuff that’s happening outside of us.

We have to lean in, drop back (Taoist technique, if you want I’ll share it soon) and listen. Sit and listen.

We are so used to doing things that we don’t know how to just be – to be us, be enough – and listen.

It seems so difficult to just sit and breathe naturally. Your mind will almost immediately try to make some noise, to talk you senseless, to get you to work.

The small and soft voice inside of you will not be heard then. Again.

Thankfully, our inner voice is patient, is not giving up on us, it’s always there and waits for you to sit, ask and listen.

If you know how to meditate that really helps. There are lots of different forms, maybe you ‘d like to try some to find your own, the one that fits perfectly.

Or you could just take five minutes, for a start, and sit and breathe, counting breaths and letting your thoughts float around, like passing clouds.

Five minutes a day is not much, it will help you though to get back in touch with your inner voice.

Give it a try and look what happens.

You can feel if it’s your inner voice or wishful thinking: your inner voice is soft and calm, never talking too loud, never pushing you. It’s more like a very soft nudge…

And it will take some time until you know – you can usually feel it in your body first. The knowing, that the wisdom comes from a place within.

Give it a try, go with it and feel.



Being Kind

Being kind to others is probably something you have been taught as long as you can remember.

Smile at people, be polite and open doors, help them, listen, encourage them.

This is all fine and something that our society seems to need more than ever.

I have done some random acts of kindness myself – it’s such a joy to be kind and loving to the people around you, or even to complete strangers. Joy spreads and comes back from many places.

What nobody usually teaches us is how to be kind to ourselves.

How to listen to our bodies, to our heart and know when it’s enough, when self-care and kindness are much needed.

When was the last time you did something, however small, just for you?

When did you take some time, 15 minutes may be enough to start with, just for yourself?

Or are you constantly pushing, doing more for family and friends than you really want?

You can be kind to others (including your family members) when you are kind to yourself, when you nourish yourself enough.

You can’t empty yourself all the time, you need re-charging. No matter what ohers expect you to do…stop..take a time out and feel.

Let your body tell you what it needs…and if that feels difficult in the beginning because you stopped talking to your body a while ago, here’s my self-care list:

  • go for a walk in nature, even 15 minutes will do
  • sit and breathe, listen inside, eyes closed, relaxed
  • dance to my favourite music
  • have a hot shower or bath
  • sleep and/or stay in bed the whole day, best done on weekends
  • meditate
  • do Qi Gong and relax  deeply
  • and and and

I guess you get it by now and will find your own favourite self-care ritual.

Don’t postpone it, do it now, give it a try.

Paolo Coelho is right, isn’t he?

Coelho blog.jpg




… and why I choose to love it.


It’s simple, in fact, because when you supress intense feelings, push them down in the background or even underground – they’ll only come back much stronger when you at least expect it.

So, the only way, after lots of training and reading, that works for me, is to take some minutes, or even half an hour sometimes, and feel them, sit with the feeling and breathe, in and out.

I even started talking to the feeling, asking questions, listening, deeply listening.

I put my hand on my chest, I sit and breathe – and know it will dissolve. Or transform into something beautiful.

Give it a try and share what happened.

Passing Clouds


Today I feel exhausted somehow, not as well or energetic as usual.

I had a very stressful day yesterday – but enough sleep.

I have no idea where the sadness and exhaustion come from…did my Qi Gong practice, felt a bit better and then this feeling returned, clouding my day.

So I decided to sit with it and breathe, allowing it to be – knowing that it will pass like clouds, shifting shape and dissolve.

I feel a bit lighter now, and I try to hold on to my experience of Yin and Yang, dark and light.

It’s always darkest before dawn they say…so sitting here and feeling, being with the clouds. Just for today.


Today I still feel I ‘m not in the mood to write. I am feeling resistance….

I am participating in a visibility challenge and that brings up so many things, lots of old stuff…so I was procrastinating, waiting for the right mood and saw this quote:

Most artists procrastinate out of fear, or because they wait for the “right mood” in order to work. But any mood is the right mood to begin.

– Julia Cameron

Now I’m sitting here writing – Julia is right, waiting for the “right” mood does not help.

Running round in circles does not help either.

So I did my video for the challenge, and while it’s uploading I’m sitting here with my blog. Thinking about habits, more writing.

I remember one time in my life when I have written a lot, had fun and clarity and lots of change.

It was when I was doing the Artist’s way and writing my Morning Pages. These three handwritten pages each morning, before doing anything – they centered me, it felt like a meditation and the practice helped me get clear.

Pattern were showing, I had lots of synchronicity happening, like the Universe /Tao showing me, that it’s helping me along the way.

So, I’ll start that again, from tomorrow morning on – three handwritten (because it connects you to your heart) pages, letting everything out, getting in the flow again.

Stay tuned, I’ll share what’s – hopefully . going to happen.