How To Make It Happen- Part II

For everyone who read the first part…and thought, it was too short.

I apologize for being late – lots of change this weekend.

The first part is about visualizing and you can try each one or invent a way for yourself.

Visualizing is not the only thing, visualizing alone might help you be optimistic and relax.

The second part of making things happen is – as you may guess- taking action.

You won’t reach your goals by just sitting there in meditation and imagining it.

What happens after visualizing is, you’ll get hunches what to do, where to go, whom to ask – don’t doubt that soft inner voice.

Don’t think too much – just do something, no matter how small. Act on these impulses.

You’ll be surprised what shoes up – most of the time different to what you wanted and most of the time much better.

What also comes up when you try to manifest, let’s say money or health, are all the un-rresolved issues around it, like more bills, more obstacles.

It’s important to keep going when this happens. This is normal. The energy will change – just keep going. Do something small in the direction you want to move – and the Universe (or Tao) will do the rest.

Have a Happy Sunday 🙂




How To Make It Happen

Yesterday I wrote about asking yourself some questions to get a sense of the experience you want for the year ahead.

Today we’ll talk about visualizing or magnetizing your goals so you create the life you want, the year you want.

For all these techniques it’s essential that you use them, and then let go of expectations.

You are happy and joyful if you get what you want or not.

I have used three ways to create new things and situations – and lots of surprises in my life.

  • The vision board

You take a big piece of paper or cardboard, lots of magazines and catalogues – and you need 20-30 minutes to yourself.

Think of you goals and cut or grab pictures out of the catalogues and magazines…just do that as fast as you can., don’t think…after a while, when you haveenoug pictures that symbolize your year ahead, start arranging them and put them on the big cardboard.

Put the vision board where you can see it every day. Not necessarily where somebody else can see it.


  • Your symbol:

Just think of your year ahead and ask you subconscious to come up with a symbol. Take the first one that omes to mind. Again, don’t think or analyze it.

Use a picture or – if the symbol is something you have like a ring if you want to get married next year or a 100-dollar-bill if you want wealth – you get it. Put it where you can see it very often.

  • the Taoist Way (short version)

Fot the other two ways you are visualizing specific outcomes. This is different. Relax your body, slow your breathng down – get into a meditation.

Draw your mind back into your midbrain, lean back into your back and visualize in the void behind your eyes how you want to feel during the coming year. See yourself some time ahead and set your intention in a broad way this time. I’d say “I want the year to unfold with supreme elegance and magnificence. For me to be healthy and strong, filled with joy and love, feeling creaticve and abundant….” – you can make up your own intention.

Watch your future self smile and move into it, into you body – feel how your future self feels and smile. Agree to it. Slowly return to the everyday state – knowing all is well.


These three are just examples. For the last one I’d recommend your favourite way of meditation, if you’re not familiar with Taoist meditation.

It’s very important to play with what worksd for you – and to let go. Whatever manifests for you – enjoy each days. Most of the time things show up differently than you imagined -. be open and enjoy!


This Time Next Year

The year is still fresh – I guess like most people you have been making New Year’s resolutions or setting goals for 2017.

I tend to use this quiet January days to plan my year and visualize.

First I start asking questions:

Where do I want to be next year, this time? What do I love to do, what kind of companionship do I want?

How does my life look like? How do I look and feel?

Am I travelling, will I stay in the same place or have a base-camp in Europe?

Will I have published my book? Will I work freelance, running my own business?

What will I do to stay healthy, what lifestyle can i create?

Try it and notice the feeelings that comne along with images.

Write it down, how would your day look like this time next year?

I’ll go into visualization tomorrow!

P.S. have fun with it and play 🙂

A Station Cat’s Story

Today I need something that makes me happy and puts a smile on my face.

So In thought I’d share a video with you about Felix, the Huddersfield Station Cat.

Huddersfield is a train station in West Yorkshire and Felix, the cat, lives there – she has a “job” a senior pest controller. And: Felix has a great reason to celebrate – she has now more than 100.000 Facebook friends.

Watch here and enjoy:

She even has videos on


How to handle Mondays

It’s Monday – and I realized how many people are sad on Mondays.

It’s for most of us the beginning of a new workweek – and obviously we don’t love what we do, don’t we?

I remember being a consultant, I loved the job and the guys I worked with – we had a meeting each Monday morning at ten am. and I was always there early, eager to start, to use it to empower me even more and go out and acquire new clients.

I also remember working in customer service – and not loving Monday anymore. Simply because we had the highest numbers of callers on Mondays – and the craziest. The sick rate was high, we were too few people, so yes, I didn’t like it. I was always exhausted after a Monday shift.

One day I decided to change this. A friend wrote about time and how the workweek is nothing fixed, just something people invented, like the weekdays and the weekend.

So I am allowed to have fun on a Monday. As soon as I changed this internally I found ways to make my workdays more joyful.

Here are some ideas:

  • get up a bit earlier and do something for your body, like Tai Chi or Pilates
  • do your biggest task first thing in the morning
  • put empowering images on your workspace
  • smile at your coworkers (simple yet effective)
  • reward yourself with me – time

Be creative, invent some ways that make you feel good !

Life is too short to only happen on weekends!




Old Stuff and how to handle it

Do you know that feeling when you try to manifest something new or decide to go for what you really love – and the next thing you notice is “old stuff” meaning feelings, people, situations turn up.

Like a huge wave – they’re all here showing up, blocking your sight, tearing you down if you let them.

Try to manifest money and all the old bills, debts, show up, all the feelings about money, your old patterns – they’re here to be solved, once and for all. Same with jobs, relationships, health.

This old stuff is a sign for the energy moving in the direction of your goal.

Let’s look at some ways to handle it:

  • you can ignore it: not very helpful, believe me. These patterns and energies will come back, until you have accepted and resolved them.
  • look at them: yes, take a clear look and accept what you see, no matter if dark or light, as a part of your sphere. Acceptance is the first step to change.
  • the next step can be to dissolve them in the light, to love them and learn what they’ re trying to show you. It can feel like embracing your shadow. Debbie Ford’s books and shadow work can help you with that.
  • or you can try your own version of handling them and share it with me.

Have a joyful weekend, no matter what!