Day 18 – Relax

Only six days to go now…

Christmas is coming – and fast.
Today it’s Saturday, time to relax and recharge before things get really busy.

So today your task is to rest:

Take a time-out of at least 15 minutes and rest, for example:

  • take a short nap
  • have a hot bath and relax all your muscles
  • sit down and meditate
  • or do whatever you love to relax.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy x


Day 17 – Set Healthy Boundaries

Over the last days I told you to play and enjoy life, to be kind to yourself – and hopefully by now you have planned each day with „indulgences“, you’ll take time to spoil yourself a bit each day.

To do this it may be necessary to set boundaries, to say NO to others – and a big YES to yourself.

We are so trained from early childhood to please others, that we – especially we as women – have a huge problem when we need to say NO.

Very often we say yes to be good to the other person – and neglect our feelings and our needs.

This time of the year is turbulent and often more stressful, we have more appointments and things to do. And now is the time to say YES to yourself.

If you don’t feel like baking for your family, buy some cookies and cake- DON’T STRESS!!!

If you feel the need to be alone, to spend time in nature – DO IT!!!

Don’t go to these „Should“-events, which could be all kinds of invitations, where you feel you should be, but your gut tells you to say NO, in a polite and kind way, but NO.

Life’s too short for „shoulds“.

Day 16 – Open Your Heart & Receive

Hello, my dear reader,

after spreading  the joy and giving yesterday – to yourself and others, today it’s time to talk about receiving.

While it feels easy to give, because we were taught that it’s better to be a good person, you may have problems to receive the good things coming your way now.

So, take a look at your beliefs around this subject. Very often these are unconscious beliefs from our childhood – which still keep us from enjoying gifts and whatever miracles come our way.

Maybe one of these limiting beliefs comes up for you?

  • when I receive a gift, I owe that person something, too
  • people, who receive a lot, are greedy and/or selfish
  • it is better to give than to receive
  • and so on

You can write them down and transform them into a more positive belief, or you could burn the list with negative beliefs and set them (and yourself) free.

Open your arms and your heart for the beautiful surprises that are on the way.

Enjoy your day x

Day 15 – Spread The Joy

Today not only brings us closer to Christmas, it’s also the day to go grocery shopping for the holidays, at least for me. During the pandemic this shopping was even worse, so much tension, stress, you could feel it.

I have no idea what will happen today – so I will spread some joy along the way.

It’s a great way to get into the spirit of this special time of the year, the real spirit – instead of just buying what a clever marketing tells you will make you and your loved ones happy.

Today it’s time to spread the joy and share it.

One simple action is enough:

  • smile at strangers
  • play more with you children
  • take them out to play in nature
  • write a small letter to your partner with three reasons you love her/him
  • hug a friend – you don’t need a reason ( I know there’s a pandemic, I trust that you use common sense and respect the rules, wherever you live)
  • you could write a Xmas-card to a random address and add a 5 Euro/Pound/Dollar note (I took this idea from someone in our kindness group on Facebook)
  • and there are lots more

Just think about something that would make you smile and then do it for somebody else.

Not only today –  watch how you feel, how the joy spreads.

Maybe you can feel it in your body, that warm feeling…

See you tomorrow x

Day 14 – Listen To Your Inner Voice

Let today be a quiet day – and try to listen – inside.

The outside world is a loud place, all that noise, chat, sounds. I was in the city last week, doing some Christmas shopping, and although it was raining cats and dogs, there were so many people that I need some quiet time after.

I try to give myself some quiet time as often as I can.

So give yourself a short break today, too, and take a time out, ten minutes will be enough.

Sit quietly and listen – with your ears and your heart.

The best place to do this might be a place where you can connect to nature.

This will make it easier – but if you can’t go to a park or forest that’s fine, too.

The important part is being quiet for some minutes – and maybe your soft inner voice will appear.

Now that you’re ready to listen, anything is possible.

Maybe it will be a hunch, a gut feeling or maybe it is a soft voice talking to you.

Whatever form it takes, it is okay and the perfect form for you.

Just give it a try and notice what happens. Enjoy the calmness today.

Day 13 – Joyful Planning

Yesterday was for resting and spoiling yourself. Today is Monday, time to plan.

I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. So I stopped and asked myself „why the hell am I doing these things anyway?“.

If the answer is „I love it, I enjoy it“ continue doing whatever you love, if the answer is „I really should get it done“ stop and relax. No “shoulds” on a Sunday….

Think about the week ahead – how do you feel? Is it crammed and your To-Do-list is growing every minute?

Here’s today’s „relaxercise“ for you:

Plan your week and every day plan something you enjoy – for ten to fifteen minutes each day – but you have to do it. No way out, it’s a must 🙂

Put it in your diary and do it! You and I, everybody, deserves that at least once a day. Be kind to yourself.

Whether it’s a Cappuccino at your favourite café, a walk along the river or dancing to your favourite music – do it and enjoy.

See you tomorrow – happy planning.

Day 12 – Give Yourself A Christmas Gift

It’s already day 12, it’s Sunday and we have only 12 days left  until Christmas Day or nine days until Winter Solstice (if you are not into Xmas).

Now it’s time to do something fun and joyful for yourself. Something you love about the Holiday season.

Whether it’s skating on ice, a long walk in the snow (depending on where you live, I know), time spent alone, knitting, or just visiting a Christmas market – whatever is still possible in your country and this pandemic – just do it!!!

Do something you really love – go to a concert, watch your favourite Christmas movie, buy yourself a gift, decorate a tree, whatever gets you into a festive and joyful mood.

It doesn’t have to be traditional – though very often re-living something you enjoyed as a child is the best thing to do now.

Happy Weekend!

Day 11 – Let Go of Perfection

Do you know this feeling, when you strive for a perfect Christmas?

The perfect gift? The perfect Christmas dinner?

When you are set to go for perfection you rob yourself of many opportunities, simply because you’ll never enjoy the situation, the meal, the party – as long as it’s not perfect.

You’ll rob yourself of the beauty that lies in simple and not so perfect things, like a child’s drawing, handmade Christmas ornaments or simply an improvised meal prepared with laughter, joy and love.

Most situations, people and things in life are simply what they are and they are perfect the way they are right in this moment.

It’s okay to do your best, to give all you can – what looking for perfection does is you can’t stop working at the right moment, because things are never perfect for you and so you’ll never stop.

Or you’ll never start because you know you and your work won’t be perfect.

So try today to stop doing something even if it’s not perfect, just stop and look – and allow it to be just as it is now.

And I leave this lesson as imperfect as it is – now. See you tomorrow.

Day 10 – Releasing Stress & Tension

Only two more weeks and it’s Christmas.

I went shopping this week and noticed people being grumpy, tense and sometimes really rude. Even in this pandemic it gets worse in December.

So, if you feel that energy, too, around you, relax your body and breathe.

How do you feel right now? Check in with your body – is there tension, if yes, how much?

Where do you feel it most? Your neck? Your solar-plexus? Your belly? All of these?

Now is the time to let go of it, to release it, to relax and just be here fully.

But how can you do this?

There are several things you can try – each will take minutes only – and you’ll find, hopefully, your favourite.

The first way is to notice your breathing and slow it down. To watch your belly swell with the in-breath and flatten with the out-breath. To breathe out your tension with every out-breath and fresh energy in with every in-breath.

Breathing helps to release stress and brings you back into your body, into the present moment.

Another great tool, when you have a space where nobody will hear you, is to breathe out with a loud yell, like a „HA!!!“, like a martial artist, just shout it, let it out.

And then there’s the method where you close the door behind you and take five minutes to just let go with a sigh and „it’s too much, it hurts“…and then let your feelings and maybe tears out. Nobody will see it, so let it out.

These are just three examples. There are lots of exercises and tools – give them a try and notice what makes you feel better.

I’ll show you another body centred approach tomorrow.

Day 9 – Relax and Breathe

I noticed an energy today, that felt like tension, like I was exhausted by doing he most normal things – and I noticed, I was holding my breath, not getting enough air in, not being present.

So today we’ll take care of your breathing, because breathing should be your top priority.

Most of the time you may be holding your breath, without even noticing it.

Now let go of it and take some minutes to breathe.

Breathing is the tool to get you back into the Now, into the moment.

Breathing helps relax your muscles.

So, first let the old air out, with a deep sigh or „aaaaaaaaaaahhh“ if you want, just do it….a long out-breath.

Now let the fresh air in, let your belly swell, if you put a hand on your belly you can feel it, all the fresh air flooding you with new energy.

Breathe out again, let you belly flatten, and then automatically breathe in again. Continue this for nine in- and out-breaths and notice how you feel.

Repeat this short exercise during the day whenever you remember it. Relax and breathe.

Enjoy your day x