What do you create?

do all thingswith love

Creativity appears in many forms – for some of us it’s writing or singing, painting, creating something out of the blue or crafting it from some materials.

We often tend to think that only artists are creative. But that’s not true.

You don’t have to be a painter, musician or author to create. I was taught that, too.

You’re only an author if you’re published and successful, sitting in a show on TV, talking about you newest book.

That’s nonsense – I always felt that strongly and Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” told me the same. I did that programme a few times over the years, and wrote poems, published in an anthology – not famous, not making much money – but I know I am a poet. I also wrote blog posts , screenplays and lots more

I write daily and create. I also create in other areas – because creating, being creative does not mean you have to be an artist.

You can be creative in many areas – you just have to drop the myth.

Creativity, noun, has the following meanings:

the state or quality of being creative.

the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination:

the need for creativity in modern industry; creativity in the performing arts.

the process by which one utilizes creative ability:

Extensive reading stimulated his creativity.


That means you can create in any area your working in, and of course at home:

you can create in your garden, you can knit something for a friend, you can decorate your home, you can take pictures of nature or shoot a video of your cat behaving funnily.

The way you do those things will be uniquely yours. That’s what creativity means.

There are so many ways to experience this – make a list for yourself, give it a try.

Experiencing creativity can and will make your life more joyful and rich.






What Scares You?

I just noticed a quote from Seth Godin on Facebook and thought how doing what he suggests has become a great training for me over the years:

If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.

When I was young, as a small child, I was not easily frightened, but when Is started school and my Mum told me how many bad things are “out there” it started to scare me.

I did not know that she was depressed and anxious, having panic attacks, I was just a child listening to her mother. I had a phase – until I was sixteen I guess – when I felt easily scared, not knowing what to do, wanting to hide.

Now, my Dad was quite the opposite, even when he was not at home so much, he was very often taling risks, doing what he wanted, even fighting for it. One day he told me “never give up easily, fight for it, if you have to, don’t give up”.

From that day on I always tried the scary stuff – like playing piano in front of a big audience, playing my first small role on stage – I was scared, nervous, but it did not stop me anymore. I even studied engineering – as one of two women in my year. (yes, Dad was an engineer, too)

The more things I tried the scarier were the things that started to show up: travelling alone to New York City in 2000 – yeah, I was scared for 30 seconds, when we were experiencing turbulences – I loved the whole experience. Creating a strong memory from this trip helped a lot with other new experiences.

I just refused to let them scare me. Life said “okay, so we have to throw bigger things at her, now that she’s learned how to deal with it.”

It’s still hard sometimes, for a few minutes – then my “let’s do it anyway”-mode kicks in, I take a deep breath and do it anyway.

What helped me a lot on this way is to no longer care so much what other people think about me. Yes, stuff for another post, I promise. Soon.

So, what scares you? How do you handle it? Would you love to hear more about my techniques and tools?

Please comment and let me know.





Another Monday

…another fresh start. Knowing that weekdays are an illusion, something that was randomly created by human beings, I now love Mondays and all other days, too.

Because every day is an adventure, is a gift of being alive.

Start the new week like you want to live every day of your life: with passion, power and joy.

Find one thing today (and each day) that brings you joy.

Don’t live for the weekend only… enjoy each and every day!


Monday Fresh Starts

Weird is the new Black

Today I thought about how I learned to love being weird. Being the odd one out.

Wearing bright colours, like my candy-striped Mac or pink from head to toe.

Being weird in not being career-oriented or having a traditional family with hubby and children, a house and a bugb car. Okay, that’s cliché anyway – still I know a lot of people, who are living that “dream”…

It was never my dream. When I was younger I thought I should have all of that, too.

I made other people’s expectations and dreams my own – of course it did not work out.

It was hard, because I tried to make it work for me, in my twenties and early thirties.

I worked on relationships that just sucked (my energy out…), I tried to get a decent job, I didn’t want to, I hated the 9 to 5…did what I was told anyway.

And I was told I had to fit in, that nobody loves their jobs, life is hard and so on.

I tried, and one day I just stopped and took a step back. I was coached by a friend and he told be that I was a born coach and artist, there was no way I could hide it from him. So I stopped hiding and looked inside.

I started writing, poems, blog posts, book proposals, screenplays….I started to play around. I learned how to draw – after ages of being told that I couldn’t (I highly recommend “Drawing on the right side of the brain” from Betty Edwards).

I took singing lessons. I went to workshops to learn Prana Healing and Huna, the Hawaiian art of shamanism. I felt so free and had much more joy in my life.

I meditated a lot and had some “good-enough-jobs” – they helped pay the bills, work was easy and just for a certain time.

I trained as a life coach and even in this group I was the weird one – the difference was: they loved me that way. So I could open a bit more – and over the years – I’m fifty-two now – I accepted my weirdness and started to love and celebrate it.

Thanks to the internet and social media I noticed more weird people – I found my “tribe”, I got noticed and supported – and right now I am working on being even more visible in my weirdness, so others can see me and I can support them by being a “permission slip” (as Jamie Catto calls it in his book Insanely Gifted, which I also highly recommend) so those around me can enjoy their weirdness.

I also met Stephen Russell, the Barefoot Doctor, on my way and learned a lot from him, about being me and handling life with all the challenges it brings. About being in my body and loving the ride, enjoying the adventure. So, if you want a bit of this energy, too, you can find him here.

I’m still learning new things about me every day – my inner artist has the idea that I should try painting, which is really scary for me. Because my teacher never loved my pictures. But then, I could paint some crazy colourful things, couldn’t I?

I ‘m still leaning to listen to my inner artist and look after her – it’s the journey of a lifetime. Guess what: I love it!!!

What do you love about yourself – please share and comment.




Hoisting the Sails

ship port safe

I don’t even remember when I first heard that quote, nor who it was that said it.

It’s a perfect description for the things I felt today.

I know where I want to go, what I want to do (e.g. write my book, coach people, do some cool online programmes and connect), I don’t know how, that does not matter, it will come – still I was procrastinating a lot … was waiting…

It scares me – yes – it does. But the one thing that scares me so much more is staying where I am right now. It may be comfortable, but not where I want to be.

I know I have to move forward – so I set the intention today and I do share it with you.

The coming weeks will be filled with writing, publishing, getting in touch with those who can help me on my way….I will re-connect and move forward, one step at a time, but forward.

I’ll share it with you, folks – because you are important, you are my readers, my sounding board, my people.

I’m off now – letting go, taking off and fly with the wind.





3 Things When You Feel Overwhelmed

Yesterday I wrote about just being.

Some of you wrote back to say how hard that can be if you don’t know how to do it.

Here are three things, I do when I have to deal with feeling overwhelmed:

  1. take a time-out (if possible)
  2. feel it and breathe
  3. let it out and relax

Take a time-out: this may not always be possible. When you are in the middle of feeling overwhelmed, everything just is too much.

So a little time-out, I’m talking 5-10 minutes here will take you out of this situation, give you some air to breathe and the opportuniry to take a step back and look at your situation.

During that time out, sit down, put a hand on your chest and breathe. Just notice your breath. Close your eyes if you like and do this for three to seven breaths.

Calm down and listen – not to your busy brain – listen to your body, this may take some time to gte used to. I’ll share some techniques I use during the next days.

The third thing is letting it all out, all the tasks and to-dos, the stress with yourkids maybe, the running around in life and in your head – take a deep breath in, deep into your belly, and let it out with a sound like “aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh” or a deep sigh.

What I use when I feel like this is writing a list with two columns:

the left one is “things I will do” and the second is “things I hand over to the Universe/the Tao/God” – it seems a bit strange first. Give it a try – see how it works for you.

Take care – and relax.