On this day …

… we celebrate the reunification of our country. In November 1989 the Berlin wall came down – and almost one year later we finally had one Germany, no borders, no walls. We celebrate our freedom today.

I still get goosebumps when I remember that time, the peaceful and powerful protests that lead us there – this strong feeling, even here, where I live, so close to the French border. The feeling of being united.

Last week I also saw the women and men in Iran, protesting their regime, peacefully protesting – and I noticed that our media barely report it. I see lots of videos on social media, I share them, and I feel so helpless.

A regime is shooting its own citizens and we – mainstream Germany – look away. We don’t help, our politicians are all talk and no action or sanctions.

So, wherever you are in the world, if you live in a free country celebrate your freedom and please, please share the news from Iran. We can’t look away, their time has come.

P.S.: I’m usually not writing about politics, but at the moment there’s simply too much happening around the globe, that needs to be named and shared.


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