This month in challenges…

October is here – with lots of rain over here in Germany.

So I decided to brighten my days – and yours – with a few creative challenges.

It’s another month for the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC) – the goal is one blog post each day, to keep me consistent, to revive my blog and hopefully have interaction with you, dear reader, and even more fun.

The second challenge is one created by Tara & Sandra over at Kick in the Creatives – the name is program and they do regular creative challenges. While I shied away from the drawing or painting ones in the past, this month they have one for poets. And I am a poet/writer/songwriter – so I decided to join. Expect all kinds of writing, from Haiku to longer forms – while I try to not take myself so serious.

The third one is for my knitter friends – this month Socktober, so get ready for some beautiful socks – or cast on your favourite pattern. I’m a fan of Stephen West’s designs, and before I’m casting on for this year’s MKAL(Mystery Knit-along),Twists and Turns, I cast on Dustland socks today, in a soft yarn from my friends at Poshyarn in Wales.

Socktober came from a project where we knitted socks for charity – and while I still do that from time to time, I admit that I often knit them for friends.

Why do I do all that, you ask? Aside from my usual business and writing songs? I believe in the power of accountability and support – I may or may not get i done every day, but more often than not. Besides, challenges are a fun way to start something. I haven’t been knitting for some months and now felt the need to create something with my hands – and needles.

I have been writing, yes, and lyrics can feel like poems, yet they are not. So I’m going to explore poetry while working on lyrics. My poems are mostly written while playing around with words – which makes it so joyful. Stay tuned for the results 🙂

Do you participate in any other challenges this month? What are they about? Please feel free to share 🙂


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