Day 23 – Let Go Of Expectations

This time of the year is so full of expectations, especially on Christmas Day.

You expect your partner and family to like the gifts you choose for them, you expect them to be nice and kind to each other, you want harmony.

You expect to get gifts that were chosen for you, mindfully, things that you really like.

Let’s be honest: this doesn’t happen for most people.

Family members will disagree or even fight, you may be gifted with things you hate and still your aunt or Mum expects you to be grateful.

Christmas – for many of us – is a stressful time – maybe because we expect it to be wonderful. There’s nothing wrong with that, that’s why we did the visualization yesterday.

To manifest this you need to let go of the „want“, of your expectations.

You can feel joy whatever happens. Only then can the Universe/God/the Tao bring you the gifts you’d love to receive.

Too much attachment and expectations – and it will not work as elegantly as possible.

So breathe out, tell yourself you’ll accept whatever happens. Let go.


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