Day 22 – Imagine

Only two more days ’til Christmas – so choose now to visualize your Christmas, your personal one.

There are no limits – just see yourself, in a relaxed state, enjoying everything.

Your family, the conversations, even the little rows, enjoy every part like you’d enjoy fantastic theatre. Because that’s what most of the drama is: people playing roles, doing things like they always did without questioning.

Notice what happens when you observe it.

Be part of it, be part of your family – and observe at the same time.

See the scene, visualize how you enjoy this Christmas, see yourself unwrapping beautiful gifts, enjoy the meals with family and friends (if possible) or having me-time to relax.

Step into the scene and feel it – you’re connected, you feel wonderful and you enjoy every minute. Feel it in your body.

Do this for short moments during the day – and your Christmas will be the best ever.


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