Day 21 – Darkness and Light

Today is the day of the Winter Solstice.

From this day on the days are getting longer, the light is coming back.

It’s a very old celebration today – celebrating the light.

It made me think how we love the light and don’t want to see the darkness, the dark side.

They are brother and sister, dark and light. They are dancing like Yin and Yang.

So this is the day to look at the darker things in life and embrace them. Then embrace the light, too.

Look at things you think of as bad, wrong and so on. Ask yourself: what did this bring me? Where would I be without this experience? Is there a gift in the darkness, the shadow?

Acknowledge it, embrace it if you can.

Look at the parts of yourself, the parts you are ashamed of, the ones you put in a dungeon, your shadow – look at them and say hello. Be with one of them and embrace it if you can. Be gentle and kind, don’t force it,

It’s easy to love the light – but you can’t have it, experience it fully without the dark.

Take some time today to meditate and celebrate both.

Merry Solstice!


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