Day 17 – Set Healthy Boundaries

Over the last days I told you to play and enjoy life, to be kind to yourself – and hopefully by now you have planned each day with „indulgences“, you’ll take time to spoil yourself a bit each day.

To do this it may be necessary to set boundaries, to say NO to others – and a big YES to yourself.

We are so trained from early childhood to please others, that we – especially we as women – have a huge problem when we need to say NO.

Very often we say yes to be good to the other person – and neglect our feelings and our needs.

This time of the year is turbulent and often more stressful, we have more appointments and things to do. And now is the time to say YES to yourself.

If you don’t feel like baking for your family, buy some cookies and cake- DON’T STRESS!!!

If you feel the need to be alone, to spend time in nature – DO IT!!!

Don’t go to these „Should“-events, which could be all kinds of invitations, where you feel you should be, but your gut tells you to say NO, in a polite and kind way, but NO.

Life’s too short for „shoulds“.


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