Day 16 – Open Your Heart & Receive

Hello, my dear reader,

after spreading  the joy and giving yesterday – to yourself and others, today it’s time to talk about receiving.

While it feels easy to give, because we were taught that it’s better to be a good person, you may have problems to receive the good things coming your way now.

So, take a look at your beliefs around this subject. Very often these are unconscious beliefs from our childhood – which still keep us from enjoying gifts and whatever miracles come our way.

Maybe one of these limiting beliefs comes up for you?

  • when I receive a gift, I owe that person something, too
  • people, who receive a lot, are greedy and/or selfish
  • it is better to give than to receive
  • and so on

You can write them down and transform them into a more positive belief, or you could burn the list with negative beliefs and set them (and yourself) free.

Open your arms and your heart for the beautiful surprises that are on the way.

Enjoy your day x


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