Day 14 – Listen To Your Inner Voice

Let today be a quiet day – and try to listen – inside.

The outside world is a loud place, all that noise, chat, sounds. I was in the city last week, doing some Christmas shopping, and although it was raining cats and dogs, there were so many people that I need some quiet time after.

I try to give myself some quiet time as often as I can.

So give yourself a short break today, too, and take a time out, ten minutes will be enough.

Sit quietly and listen – with your ears and your heart.

The best place to do this might be a place where you can connect to nature.

This will make it easier – but if you can’t go to a park or forest that’s fine, too.

The important part is being quiet for some minutes – and maybe your soft inner voice will appear.

Now that you’re ready to listen, anything is possible.

Maybe it will be a hunch, a gut feeling or maybe it is a soft voice talking to you.

Whatever form it takes, it is okay and the perfect form for you.

Just give it a try and notice what happens. Enjoy the calmness today.


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