Day 13 – Joyful Planning

Yesterday was for resting and spoiling yourself. Today is Monday, time to plan.

I often find myself feeling overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. So I stopped and asked myself „why the hell am I doing these things anyway?“.

If the answer is „I love it, I enjoy it“ continue doing whatever you love, if the answer is „I really should get it done“ stop and relax. No “shoulds” on a Sunday….

Think about the week ahead – how do you feel? Is it crammed and your To-Do-list is growing every minute?

Here’s today’s „relaxercise“ for you:

Plan your week and every day plan something you enjoy – for ten to fifteen minutes each day – but you have to do it. No way out, it’s a must 🙂

Put it in your diary and do it! You and I, everybody, deserves that at least once a day. Be kind to yourself.

Whether it’s a Cappuccino at your favourite café, a walk along the river or dancing to your favourite music – do it and enjoy.

See you tomorrow – happy planning.


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