Day 12 – Give Yourself A Christmas Gift

It’s already day 12, it’s Sunday and we have only 12 days left  until Christmas Day or nine days until Winter Solstice (if you are not into Xmas).

Now it’s time to do something fun and joyful for yourself. Something you love about the Holiday season.

Whether it’s skating on ice, a long walk in the snow (depending on where you live, I know), time spent alone, knitting, or just visiting a Christmas market – whatever is still possible in your country and this pandemic – just do it!!!

Do something you really love – go to a concert, watch your favourite Christmas movie, buy yourself a gift, decorate a tree, whatever gets you into a festive and joyful mood.

It doesn’t have to be traditional – though very often re-living something you enjoyed as a child is the best thing to do now.

Happy Weekend!


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