Day 11 – Let Go of Perfection

Do you know this feeling, when you strive for a perfect Christmas?

The perfect gift? The perfect Christmas dinner?

When you are set to go for perfection you rob yourself of many opportunities, simply because you’ll never enjoy the situation, the meal, the party – as long as it’s not perfect.

You’ll rob yourself of the beauty that lies in simple and not so perfect things, like a child’s drawing, handmade Christmas ornaments or simply an improvised meal prepared with laughter, joy and love.

Most situations, people and things in life are simply what they are and they are perfect the way they are right in this moment.

It’s okay to do your best, to give all you can – what looking for perfection does is you can’t stop working at the right moment, because things are never perfect for you and so you’ll never stop.

Or you’ll never start because you know you and your work won’t be perfect.

So try today to stop doing something even if it’s not perfect, just stop and look – and allow it to be just as it is now.

And I leave this lesson as imperfect as it is – now. See you tomorrow.


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