Day 10 – Releasing Stress & Tension

Only two more weeks and it’s Christmas.

I went shopping this week and noticed people being grumpy, tense and sometimes really rude. Even in this pandemic it gets worse in December.

So, if you feel that energy, too, around you, relax your body and breathe.

How do you feel right now? Check in with your body – is there tension, if yes, how much?

Where do you feel it most? Your neck? Your solar-plexus? Your belly? All of these?

Now is the time to let go of it, to release it, to relax and just be here fully.

But how can you do this?

There are several things you can try – each will take minutes only – and you’ll find, hopefully, your favourite.

The first way is to notice your breathing and slow it down. To watch your belly swell with the in-breath and flatten with the out-breath. To breathe out your tension with every out-breath and fresh energy in with every in-breath.

Breathing helps to release stress and brings you back into your body, into the present moment.

Another great tool, when you have a space where nobody will hear you, is to breathe out with a loud yell, like a „HA!!!“, like a martial artist, just shout it, let it out.

And then there’s the method where you close the door behind you and take five minutes to just let go with a sigh and „it’s too much, it hurts“…and then let your feelings and maybe tears out. Nobody will see it, so let it out.

These are just three examples. There are lots of exercises and tools – give them a try and notice what makes you feel better.

I’ll show you another body centred approach tomorrow.


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