Day 9 – Relax and Breathe

I noticed an energy today, that felt like tension, like I was exhausted by doing he most normal things – and I noticed, I was holding my breath, not getting enough air in, not being present.

So today we’ll take care of your breathing, because breathing should be your top priority.

Most of the time you may be holding your breath, without even noticing it.

Now let go of it and take some minutes to breathe.

Breathing is the tool to get you back into the Now, into the moment.

Breathing helps relax your muscles.

So, first let the old air out, with a deep sigh or „aaaaaaaaaaahhh“ if you want, just do it….a long out-breath.

Now let the fresh air in, let your belly swell, if you put a hand on your belly you can feel it, all the fresh air flooding you with new energy.

Breathe out again, let you belly flatten, and then automatically breathe in again. Continue this for nine in- and out-breaths and notice how you feel.

Repeat this short exercise during the day whenever you remember it. Relax and breathe.

Enjoy your day x


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