What Do You Want for Christmas

So here we are, it’s the first day of our advent journey.
Today we’ll get clear on what you want for Christmas.
Most of the time we don’t really want things, stuff – what is behind that is that we want to experience: a certain feeling, a quality – like love, trust, abundance, peace, freedom. So what is it you want this year? No idea or only a vague one? Okay, here’s my first tool for you: a guided audio-meditative kind of thing, that takes only a few minutes and helps you to get clear about what you wish to experience this year. Before you listen, take a sheet of paper and a pen – you’ll need them afterwards.
Now listen to the audio file: https://soundcloud.com/sabine-konrath/your-xmas-gift

Okay, you are relaxed and back from your journey: what is the feeling you want? Is there another feeling behind it? If you want security, could it be that behind this you want to experience love? Is it trust? Whatever it is, write it down and then think of the last time you felt this way: how did you breathe? How did your body feel? Is a colour attached to that feeling? Or a region in your body? You can feel this feeling now – and every day. With or without Christmas.   Tomorrow we are going to look at setting a clear intention for this time, see you then.  


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