Another Monday

Yes, it’s Monday again. And yes, today some countries will go into lock-down – again, including my home country.

So I could talk about it and feel bad or helpless or angry – or I could choose to enjoy that I am here, I am alive, I still have more choices and opportunities than many people on this planet.

So, who cares what day of the week it is – each day is precious. You’ll never get it back.

It’s your time and you decide. It may not feel like it, when you are stuck in a boring job. It may not feel like it when you have to stay at home, because of this virus. When you can’t travel or meet your friends.

Last weekend I found myself trying to plan everything, wanting to fix and control, going in circles. So I used the one tool that always works: breathing, slowly, counting, in and out.

This brought me back into my body and when my body felt relaxed, I was ready to let go of this want to control, the need to know everything,

I can’t plan for 3 or 6 months, I don’t know what will happen next year, let alone next month. Being angry or worrying is spending energy, that I can use in a more constructive way.

So I invite you to join me in choosing gratitude and joy, instead as much joy as possible. Not only on a Monday, but each and every day.

Let’s get creative and find new ways for “planning & adapting”.

Instead of choosing big goals and planning it all out, why not start a bit smaller. Changing a big plan feels not only more difficult and is more work, it’s also quite frustrating.

Smaller projects leave more space. For change, for opportunities – and for the Universe/God/Tao to intervene and bring you something way better.

I believe in making a good plan, but I also know, as soon as I start to move in the direction I chose, things around me will change. My project will change and I may end up in a completely different place, feeling differently, meeting people, I never thought of before.

And having fun, enjoying it!

So, on this Monday, which happens to be the first Monday of November, let’s think about our week ahead, about this month. Let’s try something new, something different.

Instead of choosing goals, I decided to start with how I want to feel – and to give these feelings energy. Let’s say I want to feel relaxed and happy, successful and loved – I take some quiet time and go to a place inside where I can imagine these feelings.

Trying to feel them in my body, but – and that’s important – not forcing anything. Feeling happy as strongly as possible and feeling the energy in my body – just for a few seconds. Then I let go – the second important part – because holding on to a feeling blocks you.

While I’m writing this I find myself smiling already. Maybe you want to give it a try.

Stay tuned – I am working on new planning and adapting tools for this special time. If you like, let me know what you need right now, what you’d like to share, how you have adapted to change…


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