Knitting keeps me sane

or: yarn is cheaper than therapy as we knitters use to say 🙂

I often take time in the evenings to knit a few rows. It really helps to keep me centred and calm.

Most of the time I knit lace shawls in fine yarns and with intricate patterns, following the patterns to the letter (or should I say stitch) mostly, focussing on the repetitions.

The first step is always choosing the right yarn and colour for my project:

  • wonderfully variegated yarn for wild socks, with no patter at all (vanilla socks) or a very simple pattern to show off the colours
  • bright semi-solid colours like fuchsia, turquoise, teal and a silk or cashmere blend yarn for a shawl or stole
  • beautiful solid yarn for a sweater or cardigan

Today I usually knit with hand-painted yarns, rarely do I use other yarn, sometime for colour work or a baby blanket.

For my current project I’ll use these skeins – I can’t show you the knitted piece so far, because it’s a Mystery- Knit-Along (MKAL) – so you’ll have to wait until it’s finished.

For knitting to work you don’t need to knit difficult patterns or use luxury yarn, it will work with a simple shawl or hat a ribbed pattern, too.The repetition and the movement with a certain rhythm is good for our brain and it will keep you calm and sane – no matter what – just give it a try.


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