Word(s) for the Year

For the past years I have always chosen a word for the whole year – to guide me and remind me of my priorities.

I just found out that I switched between creativity and adventure for the past three years. It felt odd to choose only one word, so this year I’ve decided to choose three words as my compass.

My first one is FUN: very often I am so busy, taking things seriously and tend to forget that we’re here to have fun and enjoy our precious life. I always choose words I thought fit me and my goals, but today I realized that all the success and goal hunting may bring satisfaction, but is there fun, lots of it? So, following the FUN it is in 2019.

My second word is WRITING: writing is my daily practice, the one that keeps me sane and helps me heal. Sharing my thoughts, expressing my (new) ideas or simply contemplating something that happens in the world or at home – writing has been and still is my favourite tool. It’s so important to me.

My third word is FREEDOM: the freedom to be myself, my true self without masks and the freedom to live life my way. I’ve been living at my Mum’s house for almost three years now, moving in – temporarily – shortly after my Dad had died. The intention was to help de-clutter, to find a new place for her and sell the house. None of these plans has been put into action, partly because my Mum decided, and then doubted, decided again and doubted and so on, partly because my brother does not want to move out of the house. So the only way to save my energy and live my way is moving out again. Freedom also means to express my true self and stop caring what others may think or whether they may judge me.

Of course the three words are somehow connected: Writing is part of my creative freedom – I am having fun when I feel free and am able to express and share my thoughts.

I know that many people suggest to only choose one word and focus on that – but one thing I have learned over the past year is to trust my inner voice. To stop following the so called “systems” and “blueprints” and instead using my own wisdom.

Do you have a word or more for 2019? Please share.


4 thoughts on “Word(s) for the Year

  1. Nice post. I have seen a lot of people sharing their word for 2019 and admit I have not done that before. I think I may this year as I just quit my 9-5 job to be a full time blogger. I guess I should pick a word, huh. lol. Maybe persistence, focus, or patience. I guess those could all work. Maybe I will have 3 like you do. 🙂 Either way, thanks for sharing and good luck in 2019!

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