Daily Self Care

Another cold and rainy day, so I cuddle up inside, wearing my comfy “work at home” clothes and trying to enjoy life nonetheless.

What gets to me most is the darkness right now, though I enjoy working at nights, I don’t like it if it’s so dreary outside I have to put the lights on at noon. Today is such a day. The Scottish word “dreich” comes to mind. Perfect word for this day.

I’m really grateful I can work from home now, not having to commute for an hour or more one way, and relying on trains that very often are late in winter or don’t arrive at all. Yes, I am lucky.

Though I have to resist the temptation to just stop working and knit or have a nap – I’ve had to learn that I need a bit of structure, especially in winter, when I am in hibernation mode.

So, I try to get most of my work done by 6 pm, 8 pm latest. In case your wondering: I am a night owl and I rarely start working before 10 am. I usually write my “non-work” stuff at night. This post is an exception because I want my European readers to enjoy it today as well.

I notice that writing/blogging gives me the structure, too. I look forward to starting my post, I try to write or publish daily. On the other hand I give myself permission to stay inside, when I want to. I mean I have to leave the house regularly and in spring or summer, I am often walking a lot each day, exploring new things. But right now, I explore a lot more online, I give my body the much needed rest and give myself time to relax.

I don’t think I am missing out so much – ten years ago I was going nuts when I stayed at home. You could find me at concerts, parties, in pubs and bars at night – very often against my need to recharge. I was shy as a child, shy and daydreaming a lot – and I remember being told I have to go out and play with others. I was told I have to be very sociable to fit in (oops, again) – I worked for many years on going out, talking much, even to strangers – I did it so well that everyone around me thought I was the extrovert par excellence.

Two years ago I started feeling exhausted when I did not have enough me time. I felt exhausted and got sick. I wanted to stay in my flat and just sleep.

I was taught the hard way – because I did not listen – to do nothing and rest. Now I am still learning to give myself enough rest, but now I feel the signs and usually stop. I know that my good friends will get me, when I cancel going out or meeting. I know that I have to recharge regularly, best alone and in nature.

And I know, at this time of the year, I need even more sleep and rest. Being kind to myself is the key.

What are you doing to take care of yourself?


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