Stop Pushing

These days, when the seasons change, no matter how warm it is outside, I feel the need to rest. I feel the need to let go and not push things.

Maybe it’s a new way to handle my life. It feels better and – if I continue to push and fight – my body tells me to stop.

I have the usual endless to-do lists and very often I am fighting to get it all done, am pushing myself and others, feeling frustrated and tired.

This week I got to a point were my content writing job felt so boring and annoying, not the writing, but I also have to edit texts and people did not rewrite according to my feedback. Also I noticed some of them telling me “we are still learning” and as much as I get that – it’s a business and you get feedback and second chances, yes, but the client does not pay for your learning experience, they pay for a good text.

So, I took a day off, I could not bear it – I wrote my stuff, yes, but the editing sometimes gets to me, if the writers don’t get it and don’t improve.

Thinking of it made me feel very tired, which is always a sign. My body knows…so more sleep and rest and being kind to myself it was.

I simply stopped to push myself and to push my writers. If you keep pushing no matter what you waste a lot of energy. Sometimes things just need time and space to shift by themselves – which they did today. So I feel energized and way better than the whole week.  I am back at writing and editing in my freelance job – and I am back here.

Stay tuned for more.



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