Three Ways to Get Unstuck

There are times in our lives when we simply feel stuck. Like a river that is blocked. No more flow, just stagnation. I’ve been there and it feels horrible.

It just happens sometimes, that we are not sure how to move forward or we move and nothing happens or seems to happen, so we feel like being stuck in a place where we don’t want to be any longer.

There are three things I do, when I feel stuck (maybe you know more methods or techniques, so feel free to share them.)

  1. De-clutter your space:  it seems obvious, when you are stuck, the energy can’t flow freely and very often it is because we accumulate too much stuff in our homes. So, start sorting and throw something away, It does not have to be much, just start clearing the space for ten minutes. You can always do another ten minutes tomorrow. Juts throw some clutter away or give it to someone else, who may need it.
  2.  Take one small action towards something new: think of something you wanted to learn or do in your business but haven’t started doing. Maybe you were afraid, or you were procrastinating. Think of one small action and do it NOW. Let’s say you wanted to earn a new language (choose something that brings you joy) – look for a free app, like duolingo, and  start with five minutes. Learn some new words in Spanish and feel good. Small actions can lead to miracles.
  3. Go for a long walk in nature: if there’s no forest, go for a park, give yourself the gift of breathing deeply and freely, hug a tree if you like, talk to the birds and enjoy. When you move your body, your mind and spirit are moving , too. And before long you life will start moving again.

Feel the shift and flow again, like the water does.

time lapsed photography of falls surrounded by green leaf plant
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