The Power Of NO

I was thinking about my writing a lot and how I always felt I don’t have enough time.

Work, long commuting times, feeling tired of living at my parents’ house to help Mum sort their stuff after my Dad died.

Things I should do – but don’t really love, not as much as writing.

People I should talk to -because it’s expected, relatives, neighbours, the bank, insurance guys and so on.

I feel right now that I have to set up strong boundaries – and at the same time I feel a sense of having to write right now.

With the state our planet is in at the moment, there’s no holding back, no “one day in the future I’ll write it” – I feel there’s only now, the moment.

So do I really want to waste my moments with tasks or jobs I don’t care for?

Do I really want to talk and spend time with people I don’t like that much?

Time to say NO, yes, a big one, to anything and anyone that does not belong into my life right now.

Life is too short for shoulds.

It’s a NO that needs no further explanation, no saying “sorry” – simply because I am not sorry.

I am simply doing what feels right to me and good for myself – and I really enjoy it.

Where are you still saying yes to something when you know deep down you want to say NO, loud and clear?




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