Three habits that keep me going

With many things going on – looking for a new job, maybe freelancing again, helping Mum to sort and maybe sell her house, some fo my friends going through rough patches, being in a stressful job right now – I noticed I don’t feel as overwhelmed as I have felt some years ago.

I thinks it’s because of these three habits that get me through each day, different, but in their combination very helpful.

#1 My Taoist practice:

Every single day I start  with my Qi Gong right when I get up, followed by some other things I learned from Barefoot Doctor ending with a bit ofacupressure and a short meditation.

Every morning I am setting an intention during my practice and I notice my days  are lighter, more flowing as a result.


#2 Writing

Whether it’s a short poem, a diary entry or a page for my book:  I am writing every day.

Putting things on paper clears my head, it’s fun and I have always been writing, no matter how tough or happy my life is. It’s a bit like meditating sometimes or playtime when I am having fun writing a little poem.


#3 Knitting

This might look like a surprise if you think of knitting as old-fashioned or Granny style.

I love how I can play with patterns and colors. I use not only wool but silk and linen, cashmere and it is a real luxury to relax into my knitting.

I always have several projects going, socks for knitting on the train while commuting, lace yarn and beads at home for a light and airy shawl.

I enjoy the process because it relaxes me, gets me out of being in my head and thinking so much – and I get a result I love and wear.

While writing this I looked up some older posts and noticed I have written about each of these habits before – so I linked to these posts.

What daily habits are helpful for you? Are they changing or more or less the same ones over years?

I’d love to hear from you – and thank you for reading.




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