Miracles and surprises…

…come into my life when I  stop to expect them.

I noticed that in moments where I stop grasping, when I really am letting go completely, the Universe (I call it Tao) showers me with blessings.

People are showing up, out of the blue, long missed friends, new contacts, connecting simply happens.

There is no effort to be made, no “being nice”, no need to impress – it just happens elegantly and with so much ease.

Good news pile up in my mailbox, in the form of offers, support, or just a beautiful mail to make me smile. Like a virtual hug showing me that someone cares and sends love.

Over the last days I simply let go because I was tired of the achieving and goal setting stuff.

I leaned back, into my chair and back inside – and things started to fall into place.

When did you let go and relax today?


4 thoughts on “Miracles and surprises…

  1. Hello Sabine,

    Hmmm… I don’t think I’ve let go today! I need to practice my flute, walk the dogs, get another blog post written, update last year’s Halloween blog posts….I’m definitely on the other end of the “letting go” spectrum! But your post is an excellent reminder that I need to slow down. Everything will get done, and I want to enjoy each task I get to do — because I love everything on my “to do” list 🙂

    In peace and passion,


  2. This completely resonates with me, as do all your blog posts! Sometimes I think you are reading my thoughts, but you have the gift of expressing them. Since I decided to let go, quit my (well paid but super stressful) job, and trust that all will be well, the most amazing opportunities have come my way, and things that I previously would have said would be impossible, have happened this year. I know I have blessings in abundance and practise gratitude every day and my life is so much richer for it. In just 3 days’ time I will be unemployed for the first time and I am not afraid. You call it Tao, for me it is God, I just handed it all to Him. Thank you for your wonderful posts x

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