A Fresh Start

Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge for October.

I use this challenge as a new fresh start. I love autumn because the mornings are chilly, there’s fog over my town, a bit of early morning twilight.

I will write every day, so stay tuned.

Some posts will be short like this, because I spent more time thinking than writing.

That’s the thing I discovered with blogging: I may not publish a post each day, but I am thinking about topics and working on ideas in my head. On the train on my way to work, during my lunch break – my blog is always present.

And this month I’ll start to share again – thoughts, ideas, challenges, creative projects.

See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

    1. I’m here also from UBC and your posts resonate with me . . . I too have been struggling with writing and angry at myself! So, your posts are a helpful reminder to dig back in. Thank you! Now, how do I follow? Hi from Beth

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