Say Hi To Your Inner Critic

I was writing down ideas and my mind started to kick in, as it usually does, with “no, not realistic” or “how are you going to make this happen, you don’t have XY” – XY being money, knowledge, the right people and so on.

I try to ignore this nagging voice, but that doesn’t help.

So I give this critic, who always shows up, when I am about to create something new, another job.

I tell her that she can go write about the newest fashion shows – about everything she sees, that isn’t perfect. Front row seat and off she goes.

I find that these limiting beliefs that our inner critic is firing off, as soon as we start something fascinating, come from our early childhood.

When we were small children we were creative and powerful and didn’t question what we did – but our parents did.

I remember telling my stories and being told “not to lie”, “you always have your head in the clouds” and “do something useful”.

In my family I was allowed music and writing if it was looking good to the rest of the world.

When you start out on your creative journey, doesn’t matter if its poetry, painting or music, you don’t look good or perfect and your inner artist doesn’t care.

But your inner critic is having a field day.

After years of inner work, I found I have to create, in my case write, no matter what, to be happy and fulfilled.

So I listen to my critic on a good day, sometimes there’s a bit of truth in her voice, and I tell her I know she cares.

On other days, I give her an assignment to keep her busy and out of the way.

How do you deal with your inner critic and his/her voice?



5 thoughts on “Say Hi To Your Inner Critic

  1. I always ask, “is it true”? Most of the time that little nag isn’t even true.. so it’s quite easy to laugh and release it. Great post. Thank you for sharing yourself here.

  2. Our mindset is incredibly powerful! I’ve learned that empowering my mindset is essential so I surround myself with people, ideas and books that are encouraging and help me to build my confidence.

  3. i can relate to this! when my inner critic kicks in, i listen to it and try to validate what it says. most of the time, it’s just my fear of what other people will say. if it’s valid though, like my content is overwhelming, or boring or has lots of grammatical errors, i accept what it says. the key, i believe, is to be objective. look at your work from a 3rd person’s perspective. never let your inner critic stop you from trying and doing great things. 🙂

  4. Go you! Sounds like a good recipe to me which I will try. Still haven’t got to grips with mine yet, but I have plans, and just knowing she is there and looking out for me is well….knowledge is power?

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