Waiting for … the perfect time

I have read an excellent blog post today, by Jonathan Mead (you find it here) and that made me think about my daily life.

All the moments where I tell myself I have to first
– declutter my desk
– clean my flat
– loose ten pounds
– finish my knitting projects
– learn a new skill
and so on, you get it.

I am moving forward, but the tendency to say “okay, I’ll start living when my finances are sorted” (might occur one day or not) is something I find my friends do as well.
On one hand maybe because my friends are mirrors, on the other hand I know from my job in financial consulting about these life insurances people signed to enjoy life, rest and travel when they’d reach the age of 60 or 65.

Sadly some of them died before that age, some got sick – and then there were some who got it one day, somewhere between 40 and 50, a magic age, and changed, sold the insurances and started to enjoy life right now.

I think most of us are afraid to move, to change, to go for the life we really want because it feels uncomfortable. Waiting might not bring any results, but it’s a feeling you know.

Moving out of the comfort zone however is the best thing you can choose – yes, you’ll feel shaky, wobbly and sometimes alone.
Yes, there may be less money or an income that’s not as safe as you thought.
Yes, you may have to ask for help sometimes.
Yes, some friends won’t understand, but some will stay at your side and support you.

And the Universe, the Tao, will bounce with joy – because you got it!
The moment to live is right now!!!


2 thoughts on “Waiting for … the perfect time

  1. This post sings right to my heart. Thank you for sharing it! It’s always been my motto to live for today, but sometimes I do wonder what it would have been like if I stayed with one job all my life and was able to retire at age 55. Then after some thinking, I know I could NEVER do that, I get bored too easily and I must have freedom and flexibility in my daily life. That’s why I will probably work until I’m 75, but at least I will be doing something I love! Cheers!

  2. It took me until recently to figure it out, now I am in my 50’s. I trusted the wrong people, and was shocked into a new sense of reality. I found support in a great group of pals, and we are embarking on our own journeys, but together. A dear friend said “do what makes your heart sing”. Our finances might not be perfect, my desk remains cluttered, and craft projects started 20 years ago remain in closets. But I am moving forward because I can. Great post, thanks. I found you on the Ultimate Blog Challenge. You can find me at: http://www.barbarakwrites.wordpress.com

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