Music and sunshine

Today I walked into town to run errands and was surprised by live music. And I remembered, Solstice Day, 21th June, first day of summer and Fête de la Musique. Invented 1981 in France it quickly became a tradition in our region, close to the French border.

Musicians play for free today, in public places, in cafes, on street corners – and it’s fun. A white piano opposite a music store, a choir taking their positions, people stopping by on this busy and sunny Saturday.

It’s so beautiful that I started asking myself why we do this only once a year. Music has always been an important part of my life. Learning flute and piano, playing mostly classical music as a child. Singing in a choir and dreaming of being a songwriter later. Taking singing lessons and re-discovering my voice.

Some of my friends are professional musicians and I enjoy going to their gigs.

I wonder: is this festival  something that works only for music ?

How about Poems in Public? Dancing and Ballet on the marketplace? Exhibitions along the riverside?

We don’t limit music to concert halls – so why limit the other arts?

Let’s get them out of museums and theaters, let’s enjoy them “open air” as we say in Germany.

And more important: let’s mix professionals and students. Let’s create learning experiences – you can start yours right now, if you want to:

Grab your journal and get yourself into a park, find a nice place to write. Bring your camera, take pictures, let nature inspire you.

Let’s have fun and play – it’s summer.



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