Nobody’s perfect :-)

For weeks now I have been procrastinating this: my very first blog post.

Any idea I came up with was nice, even good, but not perfect.

Taking part in the 30 Day Challenge I challenge myself today to write my very first post – here it is.

Why are we trying to be perfect? Is it a childhood memory when we were told we are not good enough? I remember telling my parents ideas and stories and always being rejected. I was told to grow up, not to have my “head in the clouds” – daydreaming was for artists, not for me. 30 odd years later I knew that I am an artist – and now I am ready to embrace it.

I write poems, I take pictures, I am currently planning a short film project – one step a day and I am making progress.

Yet it’s hard to see that when I look for the end product, for the perfect plan, the perfect screenplay, the perfect poem.

So today I choose to take the challenge and publish my thoughts. Perfect or not – here I am.


3 thoughts on “Nobody’s perfect :-)

  1. My mother was a perfectionist and always made lovely perfect things. This was a woman who studied Spanish A level in her sixties, caught shingles shortly before the exam and refused to take it as she might not get an A grade. Of course, now I am getting older I am morphing into her and realising where I get my chronic perfectionism from…..along with a hearty dose of procrastination and sometimes agonising uncertainty thrown in! Enough already, I’ve started creating today, even if it’s mediocre, that’s ok. DONE. Change of life habit…..

  2. There you ARE Sabine! You and your blog have arrived and now there’s no going back. It’s so exciting, starting something new. I hope you have lots of fun exploring your creativity on this blog. x

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